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We need to resurrect Act Up – no more Mr. Nice Gay.

Okay, No on 1 took the high road – in the face of hate speech, blatant lies, distortions, Porno Petey, MassResistance, overweight smirking bible teachers, campaign finance fraud and money laundering, “moral” judgements from a Bishop who actively hid child molesters and obstructed justice for victims (who also shares a house and mortgage on Cape Cod with another priest involved in hiding the same pedophiles – and claims a fraudulent “homestead exemption” on said property), NOM money, Mormon money, Catholic churches raising political money in the guise of religious services, false allegations of sign vandalizing (which even the WGME reporter said looked suspiciously like it had been done by the Yes campaign as a smear tactic), and finally the worst lie of all – that the oppos support civil unions – after they worked their asses off to prevent them from passing in the first place.

Enough is enough.  Nice ads with good looking people aren't enough.

We need to show these assholes what it feels like to be hated.

I suggest that protests be organized at every Catholic church in Maine every single time there is a wedding held.  200 angry yelling people with signs saying “Shame on you” and “You stand a 50% chance of divorce!” and “Thanks for donating against MY wedding!!!”  Over and over and over and over again, until they realize that there will not be a joyous Catholic wedding in Maine ever again until there are joyous Gay weddings too.

Wherever Malone speaks, 200 more.

Every single time.









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