The No on 1 campaign did everything right and still they lost.
Simple: 53 percent of Maine is stupid.

Let's not dance around the issue, folks, or couch it in genteel euphemisms. Let's put the blame where it belongs–not with the Yes campaign's message, but on the ignorant assholes who swallowed every spiteful, fact-free nugget of it and voted accordingly.

What last night's returns mean is not that Stand for Marriage Maine were more effective communicators (which they clearly were not), but rather that the ten or so percent of voters who described themselves as "undecided" during the runup to the polls were either lying, or dunces.

This wasn't a referendum on the finer points of health care reform, or how best to deal with global climate change…it was a question of civil rights.

Any adult who lacks sufficient intelligence or moral backbone to have formed an opinion on such a straightforward issue belongs in a padded room, not a voting booth.

As for the other 42 percent who voted yes, they are obviously homophobic simpletons and scumbags.

Ergo, 53 percent of Mainers are fucktards.

…And there you have it.




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