I shall be telling this with a sigh

1281049-1-road-less-traveledCaught up, as I was, in all the food folks and fun of NY23 (represent! holla!) I failed to take notice of the equally important race in NYC District 6 where voters elected to not take the ‘Load less traveled:

Joshua Goldberg — Lucianne’s son and Jonah’s brother — has been trounced. Trounced.

This was indeed sad news at Goldberg ’09 campaign headquarters (Lucianne’s basement) as Joshua’s opponent was declared the winner about twenty-two seconds after the polls closed. Soon the victory Bagel Bites grew cold, the Yoohoo on ice started to warm as the ice sheds tears of bitter failure. Joshua was left to confront a future that includes a Thanksgiving in a few weeks when brother Jonah pushes himself away from the dinner table after his third pie, looks at his watch, and exclaims,” Whoa. Look at the time! I’ve got an LA Times column to write”.

Joshua will be left to push some of his cold mashed potatoes around his plate with his fork as he thinks back to the advice that his campaign manager gave him but he chose not to follow:

1. Don’t run.
2. If you do, change your name to Jeb Palin.

Then he will clear the table. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with Tupperware.

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