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Local News

Bangor Daily News
Go Forth and Vote

Bangor Daily News
Get-out-the-vote effort in high gear

Portland Press Herald
A last push from both sides for votes as gay marriage decision day arrives 

Portland Press Herald
With Election Day finally here, only one thing left 

Portland Press Herald
Voting steady in state's largest cities

Portland Press Herald
Twitter abuzz about Maine vote 

Hundreds Rally for Gay Marriage
MyFox Maine
PORTLAND – On the eve of Election Day, hundreds of gay marriage supporters rallied in Portland's Monument Square, urging people to vote “No” on Question One 

Mainers Head to the Polls
MyFox Maine
MyFOXMaine.com – Voters in Maine decide a broad range of issues on Tuesday, from same-sex marriage to TABOR to expanding the state's medical marijuana law. 

Gay marriage vote highlights busy day at Maine polls
York Weekly
 initiatives that include efforts to repeal the state's gay marriage law and institute a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap 

Time to Decide
Bangor Daily News
But gay marriage advocates have waged a high-profile and polished “No on 1” campaign appealing to Mainers' “live and let live” philosophy. 

WILTON Police: Sign a hate crime
Morning Sentinel
There have been no other reports of hate crimes in the area that targeted same-sex marriage or gay and lesbians, according to area police agencies in 

Central Maine Morning Sentinel – Augusta,ME,USA
Mark Sullivan is on target when he characterizes SFMM's use of this complaint  those in power inMaine schools will push it on students just as they are 

Push Is On For Votes In Same-Sex Marriage Fight
WMTW.com – Portland,ME,USA
This is going to come down to who gets their people out to vote,” said Marc Mutty, who heads the Yes on 1 campaign. The Yes on 1 side released another radio 

Push To The Polls Is On For Both Sides Of Gay Marriage Issue
WCSH-TV – Portland,ME,USA
“GOTV is the name of the game, which is get out the vote,” said Marc Mutty, chairman of Stand For Marriage Maine. “We are making calls, checking them twice, 

Same-sex marriage debate draws hundreds
The Free Press of the University of Southern Maine – ME,USA
The small handful of Yes On 1 supporters were outnumbered by a crowd of several dozen sign-wavingNo On 1 advocates chanting “No On One” in the drizzle 

Pro-Gay Marriage Catholics Hold Protest
MyFox Maine
The Roman Catholic Diocese has led the effort to overturn Maine's newly enacted law legalizing same-sex marriage in the state. Among the speakers at the 

National News

Races to Watch Across the Nation
New York Times
Opponents of gay marriage have taken a page from the California playbook, warning that if same-sex marriage survives in Maine, it will be taught in public 

In Maine same-sex marriage referendum down to the 'religious wire'
In Mainesame-sex marriage is a Catholic issue, with Portland's Bishop Richard J. Malone assuming a key leadership role in the repeal campaign. 

As Maine Goes, So Goes Gay Marriage
Common Dreams (press release) – Portland,ME,USA
Marc Mutty, the chairman of Stand for Marriage Maine, a group backing the ballot initiative, said the message that had worked for anti-gay marriage 

The Nation: Marriage In Maine In Dead Heat
by Daniel Chandler Supporters of the Protect Maine Equality campaign hold signs prior to a debate on referendum Question 1, the proposal to rescind the 

Stakes are high in Maine's vote on gay marriage – Yahoo! News
Nov 2, 2009  Bolstered by out-of-state money and volunteers, both sides jockeyed Monday to boost turnout for a Maine referendum that could give 

Maine and marriage
Baltimore Sun
In Montgomery County, the County Council is pondering a measure to require all county contractors to offer the same benefits to gay employees that they do 

As Maine goes, so goes gay marriage
Politico – Washington,DC,USA
Having learned the lessons of their loss in California, they say, the “No on One” campaign could break their seemingly endless series of defeats in popular 

Down to the wire in Maine
The No on 1 Campaign released a new ad on the 31st in which Jill goes from door to door asking for Diane's hand in marriage. The point? 

Obama Campaign Arm Silent On Maine's Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

By The Huffington Post News Editors 

Funny thing (or not), OFA forgot to tell Mainers what issues are on the ballot and how to vote on those issues. For example, there's no mention of Question 1, the measure to repeal Maine's marriage equality law – ie, repeal gay marriage 

Few votes but worth watching…Same-sex marriage ballot in Maine
9&10 News
They're hoping voters reject a referendum to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage. The Legislature passed the law but it's never taken effect. 

Maine Gay Marriage Advocates Favored In Close Contest | On Top 
Maine's gay marriage referendum remains a tight contest but gay marriage advocates are heading into the final lap with the advantage.

For Maine, The Time is Now | Marriage Equality | Advocate.com
Oct 28, 2009  Mark Sullivan, spokesman for Protect Maine Equality, said the main difference between the marriage campaigns in Maine and California is how 

At stake in Maine vote: a potential first for gay marriage
Christian Science Monitor
An unlikely but popular advocate for gay marriage in Maine has been World War II veteran Philip Spooner. A YouTube video of Mr. Spooner, 

Stakes are high in Maine's vote on gay marriage
The Associated Press
The state's voters will decide Tuesday whether to repeal a law that would allow gay marriage. The law was passed by the Legislature and signed by Democratic 

What To Watch For On Tuesday
But from the beginning, conservatives viewed the choice of Scozzafava with alarm over her pro-abortion rights, pro-gay marriage record. 

Stakes are high in Maine's vote on gay marriage
Air America – New York,NY,USA
Marc Mutty, on leave from a job with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to run the Stand for Marriage campaign, said in a homestretch appeal for 

Free Press
The Free Press of the University of Southern Maine
Every day that gay marriage is not legal in Maine is another day that the state effectively reaches into the pockets of hard working, loving couples, 

Turnout key to same sex marriage vote
NECN – Newton,MA,USA
With that in mind, No On One has been working to beef up turnout with a massive field effort. “We worked hard to get new people to register,” Connolly said. 

Don't just be on the right side of History, be a part of making History
Huffington Post (blog)
The No on 1 Campaign is sinking every dollar they raise today into advertising tomorrow. They're buying TV, radio, and online ads. 

Media Expert: SF Company Fighting Against Gay Rights Took Home $60-70K Last Week
The San Francisco Appeal
 makes it clear that the folks who want to take away gay couples' right to marry in Maine are spending a lot of money on ads and commercials. 

ontd_political: Stakes are high in Maine's Gay Marriage vote 
By Oh No They Didn't! Politics 
It raised $4 million, compared with $2.5 million collected by Stand for Marriage Maine, which forced the repeal vote through a petition drive. Marc Mutty, on leave from a job with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to run the Stand 
ONTD: Politics – http://ontd_political.livejournal.com/ 

 Maine to Vote on Gay Marriage
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
(AGUSTA) Maine residents will decide Tuesday whether to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage, an effort that has succeeded in every state where it has 

School counselor targeted for supporting Maine's pro-marriage 
Catholic News Agency – Denver,CO,USA
Mendell appeared in a “Vote Yes on 1” ad that would repeal a recent law that  the ad he participated in was a response to a “Vote No on One” ad that 

Could Philip Spooner be the key in Maine's same-sex marriage vote?
Los Angeles Times
An unlikely folk hero has emerged from the debate over same-sex marriage in Maine. On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to go along with the Legislature's 

Marriage in Maine in Dead Heat
The Nation. – New York,NY,USA
Maine people getting up and telling their stories” had a huge impact on legislators,” says Mark Sullivan, Communications Director for the No on 1/Protect 

Protect Maine Equality' campaign manager: “We could lose this”
Bay Windows
Connolly, campaign manager of 'No on 1 – Protect Maine Equality,' the campaign that's fighting to keep same-sex marriage legal in the state, 

Next Gay Marriage Battleground — Maine – The World Newser
By World News with Charles Gibson 
Voters in Maine will decide on Tuesday whether they want to legalize same-sex marriage., The World Newser is the daily blog for ABC News' World News with Charles Gibson evening broadcast. Here, you'll get an inside look into Charlie 
The World Newser – http://blogs.abcnews.com/theworldnewser/ 

Maine's Election Chief Projects 35 Percent Turnout
In presidential elections, Maine's voter turnout has sometimes hit 70 percent. Mainers will vote Tuesday on gay marriage, two tax-related referendums, 

Maine 'gay marriage' opponents may have October Surprise
BP News
AUGUSTA, Maine (BP)–Supporters of Tuesday's effort to overturn Maine's “gay marriage” law believe they have a pre-election October Surprise, 


Cheers and Jeers: Election Day '09
Daily Kos (blog)
So how did the 'No on 1' campaign perform? Well, let me put it this way: win or lose, I hereby nominate Jesse Connolly for Governor. 

Anti-gay ads on Outsports; Help support Maine! – Outsports
By Cyd Zeigler jr. 
Some of you may have noticed anti-gay ads showing up on our blog in the last couple weeks. It seems the anti-gay-marriage folks in Maine bought network-wide ads with one of our affiliates. I've mostly heard from people in Maine that 
Outsports – http://outsports.com/jocktalkblog/ 

Public Policy Polling: Marriage still close in Maine
By Tom Jensen 
Maine voters narrowly favor Question 1, which would reverse the state's law legalizing same sex marriage. At 51-47 it's within the margin of error but there has been slight movement in support of the question since a PPP poll two weeks 
Public Policy Polling – http://publicpolicypolling.blogspot.com/ 

Will Maine Legalize Gay Marriage? – The Daily Beast
With gay marriage and medical marijuana on the ballot, Maine voter turn-out is expected to be high for an off-year election. The get-out-the-vote efforts o.
The Daily Beast – Cheat Sheet – http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheat-sheet/?cid=rss:cs 

Ready When You Are, C.B.: Vote No on 1
By CB James 
Book Reviews and Book Giveaways. Author interviews. Reading Challenges and Book Blogs.
Ready When You Are, CB – http://readywhenyouarecb.blogspot.com/ 

Showdown Time In Maine- Yes or No on Question 1 – Lez Get Real
By Sei 
According to Nate Silver, nine times more Mainers have donated to the No on 1 campaign than have donated to the Yes on 1 campaign. The bulk of the Yes on 1 campaign's funds have come from either the National Organization for Marriage, 
Lez Get Real – http://lezgetreal.com/ 

New Poll in Maine: Yes 51, No 47 – RED ALERT! | LGBT POV
By Karen Ocamb 
NO ON 1/Protect Maine Equality DESPERATELY needs your help. THIS IS A RED ALERT! The National Organization for Marriage has poured in last minute money to outspend No on 1 and they need money to keep up with the last ad buy.
LGBT POV – http://www.lgbtpov.com/ 

Tomorrow Maine Will Vote on Gay Marriage, WA Will Vote on 
By the team 
It's true “No on 1 raised more than $2.30 million in itemized contributions from outside the state of Maine; this is more than the $1.82 million that Stand for Marriage Maine has raised from out-of-state” … However, all told, No on 1 
Autostraddle – http://www.autostraddle.com/ 

American Power: Remember the Maine! Voters to Decide Gay Marriage 
By Donald Douglas 
The campaign against same-sex marriage in Maine draws heavily from the effort that a year ago overturned a California Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. TV commercials produced by Schubert Flint Public Affairs, 
American Power – http://americanpowerblog.blogspot.com/ 

DelawarePolitics.net – Delaware's Center-Right Voice
By David Anderson 
The legislature foisted same sex marriage on the voters of Maine as part of the 6 for 6 campaign. PPP shows a majority of it's voters are not enthused and the traditional marriage measure may have majority support. 
DelawarePolitics.net – http://www.delawarepolitics.net/ 

Maine Releases Final Ad in Campaign for Same-Sex Marriage
by Emily Dean | Article Date: 11/02/2009 9:59 AM Protect Maine Equality has released its final ad before the big election on Tuesday, according to Towleroad 

The Odds In Maine
Atlantic Online (blog)
A statistical analysis I conducted last month, which was based on the results from previous gaymarriage referenda in other states, gave the Yes on 1 side 

POLL GIVES NO ON ONE A FOUR POINT EDGE. The final Public Policy Polling survey in Maine finds voters favor repealing the state's law legalizing gay marriage by a narrow margin, 51% to 47%. Two weeks ago, a similar poll found voters 
The Coastal Packet – http://prorev.com/maine.html 

Maine voters to decide yes or no on gay marriage (PinkBananaWorld.com)
By GaySocialites.com: We Take Gossip Seriously!… 
I love it that the “No on One” sign stands out so much due to the fact that those stupid bitches used so many signs. How could one group of people hate so much? Published Date: 11/02/2009. SECTION: Entertainment 
PinkBananaWorld.com – http://www.pinkbananaworld.com/ 

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: In Maine 
By Joe Sudbay (DC) 
As Jesse Connolly said, “we can't let them win this.” If you're not too far from Maine and want to help, you can still “Drive for Equality.” Come to Maine for the next two days: The “Drive for Equality” hotel in South Portland still has 
AMERICAblog Gay | A great people… – http://gay.americablog.com/ 

Coffers are dry in Maine: We need you | Crooks and Liars
By Julia Rosen 
Jesse Connolly the No on 1 campaign manager just sent out an email to their list about it: I wasn't going to come to you to ask for money again. We've asked so much, and you've dug deep and really come through. 
Crooks and Liars – http://crooksandliars.com/ 

Vote Yes on 1 « Psalm 128: The Prayer of a Family
By God's Gentle Nurturer 
As for me, my convictions are rooted in the Word so for me to vote “No on 1″ would express my loyalty lies somewhere other than with God. Christians need also to remember that we are to share the love of God and the forgiveness of sins 
Psalm 128: The Prayer of a Family – http://psalm128.wordpress.com/ 

BlogoWogo The Blog Network | No on one yes on rallies
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How Does Losing Your Freedom of Speech Affect Your Family 
By mlabot 
 Yes on Question 1 on Tuesday and call all your friends to do so as well. And if you have not signed up to be an Election Day volunteer, there is still time to do so! Please emaildoug@standformarriagemaine.com to sign up! Marc Mutty 
Firefly Dove – http://fireflydove.wordpress.com/ 

What Entrepreneurship Has To Do With Gay Marriage In Maine 
By Nathaniel Whittemore 
If they vote “No on 1,” Maine will become the first state in the country where voters have ratified the righ… read more of this post, What Entrepreneurship Has To Do With Gay Marriage In Maine, at Change.org.
Change.org's Social Entrepreneurship… – http://socialentrepreneurship.change.org/ 

Voters To Decide On Maine Gay Marriage
By gaylife 
Anti-gay marriage group NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has contributed an estimated $1.6 million to Stand for Marriage Maine, the organization opposing the marriage statute. The contributions allowed Stand for Marriage to 
About Gay Life – http://gaylife.about.com/b/ 

Maine to vote on gay marriage tomorrow – from Pink News – all the 
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk 
Maine to vote on gay marriage tomorrow – all the latest gay news from the UK and beyond to the gay community.
PinkNews.co.uk – http://www.pinknews.co.uk/ 

Red Alert—Defend Marriage Equality in Maine « NCLR Blog: Out for 
By nclrights 
We just received word from our colleague Jesse Connelly of No on 1-Protect Maine Equality about some unfortunate news: opponents of marriage equality have just increased their TV ad buy by $25000. $25000 buys a lot of TV ads in Maine. 
NCLR Blog: Out for Justice – http://nclrights.wordpress.com/ 

Gay Rights on the Ballot in Maine, Washington and Kalamazoo
By Past Member 
 legal in Maine because it is a reality in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa and soon to be in New Hampshire. On this point, Mr. Mutty does not seem to have an answer. Here is Protect Maine Equality's pro gay marriage ad: 
Causes blog posts by Steve Williams – http://www.care2.com/causes/ 

Maine To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage Tomorrow | The Spin Doctor
By Andrew Vorzimer 
Will Maine be the first state to authorize same-sex marriage by popular vote? With the polls showing a dead heat, it will all come down to which side gets.
The Spin Doctor – http://www.eggdonor.com/blog/ 

Battle Over Gay Marriage in Maine Goes Down to the Wire | The 
“Although Maine's population is a tiny fraction of California's and the battle here has been comparatively low profile,” she writes, “it comes at a crucial point in the same-sex marriage movement. Still reeling from last year's defeat 
Latest Posts | the Atlantic Wire – http://www.theatlanticwire.com/feeds/posts/

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: You helped 
By John Aravosis (DC) 
 the campaign wanted to run another $20000 or so in additional online ads. Now they can do a heck of a lot more. A really amazing turn out. Thank you everyone who gave. Here's a quick thanks from campaign director Jesse Connolly
AMERICAblog Gay | A great people… – http://gay.americablog.com/

Pam's House Blend:: 'No On 1' Final Rally today in Portland- Pix 
By Louise 
Among the attendees were some bloggers we all know: Jeremy Hooper, Adam Bink and Julia Rosen! Here's some of my favorite clips from today's rally: 'No On 1's Sam Parker, introduced by Jesse Connolly
Pam's House Blend – Front Page – http://www.pamshouseblend.com/ 

Open Left:: Thanks. Again.
By Adam Bink 
 blew their 'raiser out of the water. Jesse Connolly, the No On 1 campaign manager, just walked back in the office on his way back from the bank. He saw the ActBlue total on my screen and literally grabbed my Flipcam. 
Open Left – Front Page – http://www.openleft.com/ 

Don Mendell – Radio Ad, Stand for Marriage Maine « Firefly Dove
By mlabot 
Don Mendell – Radio Ad, Stand for Marriage Maine. 2009 November 2. tags: Don Mendell. by mlabot. Opponents are seeking to discredit an honored Maine teacher for speaking out in support of Question One. Join Don Mendell and others who 

A Day Before Polls Open, Maine Voters Divided About Repealing Gay 
Stand for Marriage Maine has received significant assistance the National Organization for Marriage, raising $1.4 million in only 20 days last month. Meanwhile, Protect Maine Equality has been gathering grassroots support and donations 
The Inquisitr – http://www.inquisitr.com/ 

CitizenLink: Poll: Maine Voters Favor Marriage
Mark Mutty, campaign chair of Stand for Marriage Maine, said the battle is significant. “Thirty states have voted on this issue and have maintained traditional marriage,” he told Fox News. “Ultimately, in a race like this, the decisive 
CitizenLink – http://www.citizenlink.org/ 

Delaware Libertarian: Time to remove the Diocese of Portland 
By Steve Newton 
Marc Mutty, on leave from a job with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to run the Stand for Marriage campaign, said in a homestretch appeal for donations that the election “is about the future of marriage in Maine, and thus the 
Delaware Libertarian – http://delawarelibertarian.blogspot.com/ 

Dissenting in Part: Update on Same-Sex Marriage and Related Issues
By Steve M. 
Perhaps the most significant of these is Maine's Question 1. The initiative proposes to overturn the statute that legalized same-sex marriage in Maine, which was passed in May. The polls have voters split fairly evenly on the issue, 
Dissenting in Part – http://dissentinginpart.blogspot.com/ 

tecosystems » Why I Am Voting No On 1
By sogrady 
I cannot imagine what I would do if it said otherwise. Please. If you are registered here in Maine and you believe in the rights that make this country worth dying for, vote No On 1. Popularity: 1% [?] 
tecosystems – http://redmonk.com/sogrady/ 

Red Alert From Maine's No On 1 « Fair View
By fairviewsue 
Maine's No On 1 team has issued the following alert seeking volunteers who can get up there tonight or tomorrow. The “Drive for Equality” hotel in South Portland still has space available, and the staging locations still need volunteers 
Fair View – http://fairviewsue.wordpress.com/ 

Yes on 1's Thirty Pieces of Silver – Lez Get Real
By Sei 
Will they sell their votes to those who have provided all but nine percent of the funds for this No on 1campaign and strip their fellow citizens of the rights that they worked so hard to obtain. Will they follow the nameless, 

GayinMaine.com — Blog — [PHOTOS] NO on 1 Rally – Portland [Nov 2 
By admin 
A few pictures of the “NO on 1″ rally at Monument Square in Portland. It was the last big 'hurrah' before election day so it felt great to have been there and experienced the energy. Some of the photos are a little dark because the 
GayinMaine.com – http://gayinmaine.com/ 

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: OFA tells 
By Joe Sudbay (DC) 
For example, there's no mention of Question 1, the measure to repeal Maine's marriage equality law – i.e., repeal gay marriage – in the email (really big surprise, huh?) What a waste of time and energy. Progressives in Maine are working 

California Ripple Effect: From the field: The calm before the 
By George Simpson 
Our opponents said on the news recently that Californians are invading Maine, but Campaign DirectorJesse Connolly responded that out of 8000 volunteers, there are 120 from out of state, and they're proud of all of us! 
California Ripple Effect – http://ca-ripple-effect.blogspot.com/ 

Vote today!
ScienceBlogs (blog)
If you're in Maine, vote NO on 1. This is the law that attempts to repeal civil rights from gay couples. If you're in Washington state, vote YES on 71. 

The Digital Cuttlefish: Vote No On 1!
By Cuttlefish 
Vote No On One. If your friend happens to be a member of one of the churches opposing gay marriage, simply remind them that there are churches today that already approve of gay marriage, and that their vote could set a precedent for 
The Digital Cuttlefish – http://digitalcuttlefish.blogspot.com/




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