The polls close in Virginia at 7:00 ET polls are now closed in Virginia. The reports show light turnout, seen as a boost for Bob McDonnell, who doesn’t really need a boost. I’d expect a call on this race within minutes of the polls closing. Actual results can be found here.

NBC News has released some exit poll information:
Obama’s approval rating among VA voters: 51% support, 48% oppose
Was your vote in VA an endorsement or opposition of Obama: 18% support, 24% oppose, not a factor 55%.
Obama’s approval rating among NJ voters: 57% support, 42% oppose
Was your vote in VA an endorsement or opposition of Obama: 19% support, 20% oppose, not a factor 60%.

The polls close in New Jersey at 8pm ET, and in New York at 9pm ET. In California, polls close in CA-10 at 11pm ET.

…I’m hearing that the turnout in Maine is crazy, especially for an off-year election. High turnout on an issue of progressive values with low turnout for Blue Dog-like Democrats should turn the “Dems need to move to the center” meme on its ear. Here’s a pic from outside a polling booth in Maine:


…And the polls have closed in Virginia. MSNBC is reporting that exit polls show a lead for McDonnell over Deeds, but that the race is “too early to call.” I’m a bit surprised, actually, I expected an immediate call. Fox News expects to make a projection “within the next few minutes.”

…Here’s the CNN exit poll results from Virginia:
Independents: 60-39 for McDonnell
Voters under 30: 52-46 for Deeds
Voters over 65: 55-44 for McDonnell

They’re not calling the race yet.

David Dayen

David Dayen