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BREAKING: Chris Christie Declared Victor in New Jersey; NYC Mayor Bloomberg Re-Elected by Narrow Margin

MSNBC and AP are now both calling the race for Republican Chris Christie. With 70% of the precincts reporting, Christie holds a 50% to 44% margin over Corzine.

Across the river, in New York City, number-crunchers are in quite a tizzy as the exit poll company has pulled back their projection of a Bloomberg victory for NYC Mayor. City Comptroller Bill Thompson is within 3% with about 3/4 of precincts reporting.

Update: Most news organizations are now calling the race for Mayor Bloomberg. Still, for a candidate that spent more than ten times what his opponent did, over $100 million, with the power of incumbency, it will end up ridiculously close. As I have been saying since last year, any halfway decent Democrat could’ve beat this guy–unfortunately, Democrats had a quarter-way decent candidate.

David seems to agree:

The guy with the biggest egg on his face right now? Besides Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson and the entire conservative movement? That would be Anthony Weiner. He was planning to run for Mayor in New York City. Had a campaign all set. Then he begged off when Michael Bloomberg got the City Council to change term limits and allow him a third term. Tonight, Michael Bloomberg barely won over little-known Bill Thompson. Weiner spent months raising his profile in the health care debate. He would have SLAUGHTERED Bloomberg, if tonight’s results are any indication.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine