Jeffrey Goldberg Is Determined To Play Himself, Slander Anti-Ahmadinejad Iranian-American

It’s always pathetic to see a writer retreat down a rabbit hole of myopia instead of admitting a mistake, but G-d gave us Jeffrey Goldberg so we could view the pathetic in action.

To recap, Goldberg implied Trita Parsi of NIAC of being a catspaw for the Iranian regime; and then backtracked somewhat when called on it, but still evinced a basic lack of familiarity with who Parsi is or what he actually has written — endlessly — against Ahmadinejad. I suppose it would be an embarrassing mistake to admit, but whatever, people make mistakes and we should admit to them when we do. What we shouldn’t do is continue to slander a man, without evidence, who works against precisely the regime he’s being accused of aiding. When Matthew Yglesias tried to put this in a broader context, Goldberg bleated that Yglesias should have distinguished him from other people attacking Parsi who also might want to see the U.S. or Israel bomb Iran. And he said, hysterically and without the barest minimum of self-awareness, that Yglesias could just read Goldberg’s stuff to clarify his position!

Dude: spend some time with NIAC’s blog. Google Trita’s interviews. And then apologize to the guy. It would be the menschy thing to do. Whining like a bitch over a very peripheral issue? Not so much.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman