I’n in bed with my first wife. It’s not very exciting, which is why she has a number.

We are reading. See, I have little formal education, so I try and keep up with Esquire (it’s the sixties) and a dictionary. Out of this practice my vocabulary, such as it is, evolves.

The limits of my language means the limits of my world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

My beta is reading a mystery. She asks out of nowhere: "What’s `invidious’ mean?"

And I very cavalierly reply, "Likely to cause resentment, due most often to false comparison."

She says nothing. Were she impressed, we were alrady to the stage where she wouldn’t show it.

A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion.
– Wittgenstein

It is the most remarkable coincidence of my life. See, I had myself not moments before come across that very term, and had looked it up. Had she asked in a week, I maybe would have fumbled the test.

Comparisons are odious.
– Sir John Fortescue (c. 1394–1476)

And then, like static cling, incidents adhere. Here we are years down the road, and here is an office coworker, Cheryl, hired by a simpleton boss, and she presents very obvious mental instability. Conflicts quite naturally arise, to which the boss feels unequal. He hired her, and is defensive about his choice. He tries the soverign recourse of those without many; equivalency. He suggests a tool offerred by the personnel department to volley the problem away from his desk: Conflict Resoution.

Nope, we say. The only conflict is between the ears of Miss Cheryl.

Move along. Nothing else to see here.

Here is a stodgy politician, stained forever green. He sniffs at the national offering of the two parties that year, and sneers, there’s no difference between ’em. He is talking about one who negotiated for our team for the Kyoto Treaty and has written books on the topic, and a sock puppet for the oil industry who cannot even read them.

It represents only another Nader of equivalency, and 95,000 lambent lemmings vote for the megalomaniac in Florida, which brings the choice fruit low enough for the Repugnants to steal, ably abetted by the five fixers on the formerly high court. We became a banana republic which must import bananas (a description by a Russian oligarch on his own country) in 2000, and it’s would simply not have been possible without false equivalency.

And so now we have a faux-contest between Pox Noise, a Repugnant propaganda platform, and MSNBC, plus the White House. Campbell Brown, she of No Bias, No Bull, presents a segment on this scale of news sources. One mushes the mob of morons with lies and slander, and the other points out the facts in defense of the rest of us. This model of equivalency, and Ms Brown’s base, CNN, can be rebutted with two words: Lou Dobbs.

And in a newsweekly we have a contrast between a screaching meme who shrieks birther death panel census conspiracy gibberish and an outspoken and courageous Congressman from Florida. The sad fact for Repugnants and those who carry water for them (remember all corporate entites are aware the bilge barnacles might earn lower incomes but it’s so easy to take it from them) is that there is no equivalent for Limbo or Pox Noise nor Bachman’s overdrive nor Crybaby Glenn on our side of the equation.

Invidious, I calls it.

And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.
– Sonnet 130

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