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Sunday Late Night: Fifty-Two Days

Fifty-Two Days.

When you next hear Liz Cheney, or her Dick, spew nonsense about “keeping America safe” this is what you can yell at your teevee: Fifty-Two Days.

That’s how many more days Barack Obama’s “false narratives” have kept America safe than the Bush team. Sure, Bush & Cheney would like Americans to start their safety record on 9/12/01, but it doesn’t really work that way. An Administration’s entire opus counts. And eight years ago right now, America was in the grip of the anthrax attacks, so Bush’s “kept America safe” claim can’t start right up on 9/12/01, anyway.

But — as of today, Barack Obama has kept America fifty-two days‘ safer than George W Bush did. Actually reading and understanding Presidential Daily Briefings apparently has an upside. Not telling briefers put on a special plane to deliver cold warnings of enemy intent, ” All right. You’ve covered your ass, now” when a vacation is interrupted — it pays off.

So when Dick Cheney says this President is “dithering” or when MItt Romney says he’s “weakening America” or when the GOP wails that he’s “betraying our allies” let’s remind them. Barack Obama has kept America safe fifty-two days longer than George W Bush did, as of today, 11/01/09.

Because when it comes to the death of 2,993 people on 9/11/01, there are no mulligans. No do-overs, really, on keeping America safe. They can’t call backsies. Bush and Cheney don’t get to re-set the clock and say, “We kept America safe [afterwards].”

“From then on” is not a safety metric.
“Well… not counting 9/11” doesn’t cut it.

They didn’t keep America safe. Why Americans never held them accountable I shall never understand. How they managed to win re-election on a platform of “keeping America safe” boggles the mind.

But one thing the Bush/Cheney cabal can never now deny: this guy Americans elected to succeed their incompetent criminal enterprise, this President we have now? This new fellow? He has kept us safer than they did.

By fifty-two days.
And counting.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge