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Oh Great- Now I’ve Got Some Clown “Praying For Me”!

Check out the latest from Maine Family Policy Council… I especially like the title, don’t you?

How lucky they are, to get these special emails or faxes, direct from the Almighty! Apparently when Maine is “smooted” by the Monty Python foot or whatever, it will be entirely MY FAULT.

Just so you all know who to blame…

God’s Final Warning to Maine.

In the final days of the campaign for same sex marriage, both sides are speaking from the heart, with little restraint.  

If anyone doubts that the controversy over homosexual marriage is a spiritual battle, they should see what a prominent gay rights activist has to say about a recent press conference in the State House.

Jesus said we should pray for those who revile and despitefully use us, so we encourage all our readers to pray earnestly for this blogger.  

Yippee Skippee, my first honest-ta-goodness really-real Pam’s House Blend ENDORSEMENT!

Wonder what the reaction will be at MFPC HQ, when they find out I went into a church today and came out unscathed by lightning…

Hey- someone hurry the hell up and get this blogger a big ole bowl of Cheetos! STAT!

I’ve got MUCH more blogging to do… ūüėČ



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