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Detroit Demolition Disneyland

In an attempt at building awareness of Detroit’s rotting, decaying neighborhoods, the Detroit Demolition Disneyland project finds long-abandoned structures and paints them with Tiggerific Orange paint.


Now almost a third of Detroit – covering a swath of land the size of San Francisco – has been abandoned. Tall grasses, shrubs and urban farms have sprung up in what were once stalwart working-class suburbs. Even downtown, one ruined skyscraper sprouts a pair of trees growing from the rubble.

The city has a shocking jobless rate of 29%. The average house price in Detroit is only $7,500, with many homes available for only a few hundred dollars. Not that anyone is buying. At a recent auction of 9,000 confiscated city houses, only a fifth found buyers.

But Detroit hasn’t been totally forgotten by Barack Obama and his wonder-working economic stimulus!

On October 8, 2009, 50,000 people lined up to apply for money from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.


50,000 people lined up…

But only 3,500 of them will get any money.

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Jacob Freeze

Jacob Freeze

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