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Why Johnny (Boehner) Can’t Read

Rep. John Boehner doesn’t like to read long stuff. He’d probably rather have flash cards for legislation, actually. He’s now complaining about the length of the House bill on health care reform. At 1900 odd pages, it’s just too long for Johnny.
Boehner Whines

Does he want pictures, too? How about "My Pet Goat"? Would it make it easier for him if it would rhyme, a la "Good Night Moon"?
There are millions of children in America (much less the world) who have soldiered through 7 Harry Potter books, a total of over 4,200 pages (for those who are keeping score, according to wikipedia, "the book series has sold more than 400 million copies and has been translated into 67 languages"). Reading, analyzing, thinking about and making decisions about legislation is Boehner’s job. That is what he is elected to DO. And, he doesn’t want to have to do his job to read 1900 pages of what will probably be the most important piece of legislation in this decade?

The money quote, by the way, is at the end of the video:
"We’ve got better ideas and we’re going to be talking about them over the next week."
Really, John? You guys have been claiming to have a program for months and…pfft. Nuthin.
Now you say ‘you have better ideas’? Remember Ford? They claimed they had better ideas and as I recall their quality was in the dumper for years.
The GOP doesn’t have ‘better ideas’ – what they have is ONE FIXED IDEA: stop anything for happening.
Americans and their employers are being bankrupted, laid off, and put into the toilet by the current employer-based health care system.
What’s your better idea, John? Oh yes, I remember: "Don’t get sick and if you do get sick, die quickly."
Got it.

And John, I think you might want to sign up for Evelyn Wood classes if you can’t work your way through the legislation.

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