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Pull Up a Chair

thanks to .myke for the pic

thanks to .myke for the pic

I Can See The Silver Lining…

Good morning Pups!  I can say that, and really mean it… It is a good morning!  I’m recuperating well and am able to do more and more every day.  All in moderation of course.  That’s my new word… I’m trying hard to master it.

Before you know it, I’ll be 100%!  Of course, I still have to watch this infection and stay off of my leg as much as possible; but I’m definitely getting better.  Thanks for all of your concern and advice.  It was much needed and heeded.

Soon, I will be able to get my beloved Rashad again… I’ve missed him so much.  It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve had him and I’m going through Godmommy withdrawal!

So, what’s new around the Lake?  What have I missed?  The holidays are rapidly approaching.  Am I the only one not ready?

Pull Up A Chair…

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