Here’s my weekly roundup of music business news that caught my eye this week:

Google launched their new music search engine to generally rave reviews. The search giant has assembled songs from recent MySpace acquisition iLike and competitor LaLa to provide streaming audio for search results, as well as links to artist pages at, Pandora and iMeem and even lyric results from the Gracenote database.

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of the first two nodes on the Internet, a connection created the night of October 29, 1969 when engineers at UCLA and Stanford Research International over 400 miles away sent data over the two nodes for the first time. Charlie Kline at UCLA tested the network by logging into a Scientific Data Systems computer at SRI, where Bill Duvall was receiving it. The system crashed on the first attempt, but was restored an hour and a half later.

Activision, creator of the popular Guitar Hero line of video games unveiled its newest music game this week in the form of DJ Hero. Complete with a spinning turntable controller, players are immeresed in the world of hip hop, electronica and dance music featuring exclusive DJ Hero tracks from the likes of Eminem and Jay Z to launch the game with. Now the annoying kid next door can become even more annoying!

That’s all for me this week folks, I will be back next week with more music business news next Saturday.

Joh Padgett

Joh Padgett

I do the music column on Saturdays and the Primordial Grooves playlist on The Seminal blog on Sundays. I also own Layman Media, a social media production company in Indianapolis and I love cheese.

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