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Trash Talk: Big Dick Edition

image1Hey, if ya got it swing it; and that is exactly what the Big Dick in the White House did between January 2001 and January 2009. Obviously I am not talking about Georgie Boy Bush. I’m talkin Cheeeney (as Chris Matthews insists on pronouncing it). But the thing about big dicks is they are usually con men and liars. Guess that has been proved up again.

What with all that hard work late in the afternoon and early evening, it is time to take out the Trash. And we gots enough for a landfill this weekend.

Cheesesteaks v. Big Apple Boppers: Crossed you up eh? That is right, we lead with beisbol. Beisbol been berry berry good to me. So sez Chico Esquela. And it is World Series time, with the Phillies and Yanks tied up at one game a piece. The wisdom seemed to be the Yanks should just be crowned, but not so fast. Cliff Lee did a number on the Bronx Bombers in game one and Pedro, despite taking the loss, pitched a very good game in game two. A loss is a loss though, and they move on to the City of Brotherly Love now. Pettitte versus Hamels in game three Halloween night and back to Sabbathia and Cliff Lee Sunday. I figure Philly can win two of three, but then has two back in the Bronx. Not good for Broad Street, Yanks are gonna win the Series.

College Futbol: There is only one huge game this weekend, and it is the Quackers v. the Trojans. Game is at Autzen Stadium, and if you have never been there, you don’t know. Brutal place to be the road team. Seriously. And Oregon has been on a big roll since the opening loss to Boise State (Boise State should really get more love than they do). But USC has been rolling too, and the offense is starting to gel behind Matt Barkley. Kid is the real deal and he is just starting his career. If this game were at the Coliseum, it would be a no brainer; but in Eugene, it is a toss up. Hellofa game though. Georgia at Florida and South Carolina Gamecocks at Tennessee both ought to be excellent games. Lane Kiffin and the Volunteers do not have a great record, but they have played very well this year. If they had a quarterback worth a fuck, their record would be very different and they might even be at the top of the SEC. But they don’t. Even match with SC. Texas at Oklahoma State should be interesting; the Cowboys are going to miss Dez Bryant against a quality team like the Longhorns. Texas wins. Virginia Tech has already been upset tonight; they have been disappointing.

National Favre League: Let’s be real. There is only one game this weekend, and it is on the not quite yet Frozen Tundra. Old Man River returns to Lambeau. Nuff said. I have no real idea who wins this game, but it ought to be something. Antoine Winfield being out for the Vikes continues to be a big problem against teams with a good passing game, and the Pack sure has that. That factor plus Lambeau spells a win for the Pack is my best guess.

The Broncos at Ravens ought to be pretty interesting. It is time for the Ravens to lose their funk and get a big win I think. St. Louis at Deetriot ought to be an even match; look for the Lions to get their second win. Giants at Philly is interesting because both are in bad funks. I dunno about this one. Fish at Jets also is a head scratcher; Fish just seem solid in spite of their losses though, I think they win a good game. Dirty Birds at Drew Fookin Brees and the Aints ought to be excellent too. Saints all the way baybee. Reggie Bush is back!

Formula One: And so the season ends with a bit of a whimper considering the dominating start by Brawn and then their relative disappearance, not to mention all the turmoil about the whole series. All quiet now, Jenson Button already crowned Champ and Brawn too for Constructors. Still the race in Abu Dhabi is notable because it is the inaugural race there, they have shitloads of money, have built an incredible facility and will undoubtedly put on one hell of a show. Track looks gorgeous, but we will have to see how it races. Race at 8:30 am EST and 6:30 am PST on Speed Channel.

Hoop it up people!

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