Here are my questions for Rush this Sunday on Fox.

When you came back from the Dominican Republic in July 2006 you were caught with a prescription bottle of Viagra with one pill missing. You said it was yours but filled under the name of Steven Strumwasser, your drug treatment doctor, to protect your privacy. Smoking Gun Link

  • While in the DR did you have oral, vaginal or anal sex with one or more people?
  • What were the ages and genders of these people?
  • Did you pay the people or did someone pay these people for you?
  • Did you use some sort of barrier protection during your sex act(s)?

  • Do you remember the names of the people you were involved with?

  • Have you been in contact with any of these people since that time?

Photo by telethon
Please answer the above questions as if you are under oath. I say this because I know the answers to all the above questions and I will expect you to answer them honestly. Because, as you know, in American we don’t care about the sex we care about the lying.

The reason that I ask these questions is that as one of the leaders of the conservative movement your behavior is important. When people listen to you and agree with your views they have a right to know what kind of person you really are.
Just as we have moved on regarding Michael Vick, since he has great talents, I believe that the people will move on when they find out what you did in the DR and with whom you did it. Your sex life is important to the American public. We don’t care about it on the left, but the people on the right have shown time and time again that the sex life of entertainers and politicians is important and worthy of coverage.

  • Were you aware that your activities in the DR were videotaped by a private detective?

  • Do you know who hired the private detective?

The reason you would know that these activities were taped is that it is my understanding that you have been given a copy of this tape so that when necessary the people who have it can use it to control your opinion on certain matters.

  • Would you please tell the American people what acts are you being blackmailed for and who is blackmailing you?

It was good for the public to know about Letterman, don’t you think it would be good for the public to know about your encounters in the DR? Letterman brought in the police for his case, isn’t it time you did the same?
Remember, I do know who hired this detective and if you claim/blame that it was someone other than who it really was, I can prove in a court of law who it actually was.

Rush, you were arrested and convicted for a felony commonly known as "doctor shopping". As part of your plea negotiations you agreed to submit to random drug testing. We all know that addiction is hard to overcome and many people are not successful in their first attempt to get clean.

  • Did you pass your random drug tests during the three years you were on probation?

Remember, I can check with your probation officer. As you know, in American we don’t care about taking certain drugs. we care about the lying about taking certain drugs. In professional sports many athletes are in the position of taking random drug tests while they are working. Although the parallels are not exact:

  • Since the time you have been arrested have you been free of drugs?
  • Have you been high while performing your radio show in the last 3 years?
  • Could you have passed a random drug test during the time you have been off probation for your felony?

Smoking Gun link to Rush’s Drug plea negotiations. "Doctor Shopping" felony statute

Rush, you have said on the air that you are being audited by the IRS. We know that the IRS is not supposed to be used by politicians for political revenge. That said, under which President did this audit start
Remember, I do know the exact timeline for when the audit in question was ordered, please consider that before you answer the question.

  • Which areas of your personal finance or corporation finance are under investigation?
  • Will the results of this audit be made public?

Thank you Mr. Limbaugh. Now a word from our sponsor.

 "What’s the point? Isn’t it All Okay If You Are A Republican?"

Allow me to get meta here for a minute. Someone asked me about my first series of questions and wondered why, if such video evidence existed, did I not bring it forward. I explained my thought process here.

I do not expect any journalist to ask the questions above for a couple of reasons. They might ask a pale version of the above questions but, based on recent puff pieces on folks like Rush, Savage and Beck, they will not ask any tough questions. Rush gets entertainer questions. Yet he is a huge economic and political force in this country. Why is he treated as if he is Jennifer Lopez in a profile in US Weekly? Rush, like Lopez has control over who interviews her, the types of questions and even approves the photos in the photo shoot. Rush is the key man for a multibillion dollar industry that relies on his revenue; the infrastructure he supports is massive. If you read the SEC documents from these companies you’ll see that if anything happened to Rush it would be a massive material event and crash the stock. Is Rush "too big to fail?" They don’t want to find out, so they will keep propping him up.

The questions I asked above are stylistically more like a criminal investigation or a deposition than a celebrity interview –and rightly so, since Rush may be guilty of some new felonies.  I would expect that the authorities would ask questions like the above if he was caught in flagrante delicto (which I believe is Latin for flavored dyslectics.) I would also expect that there are "cleaners" who keep Rush’s messes quiet.

I am not a law enforcement officer. I am not a lawyer. I’m not a journalist, I’m not even human, but I know the importance of good questions and it’s time that he be asked these questions. The only thing that can bring Rush down is Rush and he is working very hard to make that happen while his plate spinners and financial beneficiaries attempt to save him. At some point, like the water that broke the poorly constructed federal levees in New Orleans, the flood will come.

Now is the time for some real journalists to get in there because Rush wants something, he wants sympathy, he wants to be the victim and in the process of his whining for sympathy it gives people an opening to ask some real questions. Questions about other laws he may have broken and some repugnant acts he may have committed.

If you are interested in posting some questions for Chris Wallace to ask Rush, go here Link to Wallace’s Blog
And, since there are bunch of Rush fans who want to know why the NFL is picking on poor Rush YOU can answer their questions or question their premises.




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