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Join Me & Medical Students Today to Treat, Not Trick For Generic Drugs!

trick or treat for hcI’m going to be at the Russell Senate office building today with Laura Musselwhite, the wonderful medical student from Duke University who wrote this incredible op-ed in the Winston-Salem journal about her patients who can’t afford the drugs that could save their lives:

A solution lies in a generic biologics proposal from Rep. Henry Waxman of California that would grant five years of data protection, the same given to conventional drugs, and would close loopholes that allow companies to extend these protections indefinitely. However, these provisions have yet to be added to health-care reform bills.

Laura and other medical students will be wearing their white coats, giving out “treats” and urging Senators not to “trick” the nation’s patients with Kay Hagan and Anna Eshoo’s bad ‘biologic’ medicines proposal.  We’ll be meeting in the rotunda at Union Station at 2:30 pm, and walking over to Russsell at 3pm.  DC details here.

Not going to be in DC you say? How about Palo Alto? The fantastic medical students Rebecca Mitchell and Connie Chen are organizing the same event in Palo Alto in front of Anna Eshoo’s office. Palo Alto details here.

Is North Carolina more your style? Don’t pass up this chance to meet the amazing Quang Pham in Raleigh at Kay Hagan’s office! The dynamic Duke biostatistics major Eric Butter is rumored to be attenting, and if you’re lucky, a special appearance by the mysterious AMSA mastermind Chris Manz. North Carolina details here.

And if you’re in Baltimore — well, it’s a “not to be missed” affair in front of Barbara Mikulski’s office at 2pm with the Other Jane: Jane Andrews. (Seriously, we really need people for this one, so if you’re of a mind to show up and support these wonderful students & take a camera along, it’s front page FDL for you!) Baltimore details here.

If you can’t make it, show your support by leaving a message on the Facebook events pages listed above for the students and letting them know how much you appreciate their fight on behalf of the patients of the future, and post these events to your own Facebook page. They work long hours every day and still make time for this, so let them know how much we all appreciate what they’re doing.

These events were cosponsored by POP, as part of our ongoing effort for health care advocacy. Join the POP facebook page here.

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