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Cheney Interview Materials

I guess there ARE limits to which Obama won’t stoop to protect Dick Cheney. As I predicted, DOJ released his interview materials. Here they are:

Seeing as how I just walked in the door, I’ll be reading them along with you. I’ll update with my thoughts.

Interesting: Cheney was consulting with Addington, not O’Donnell during this interview.

He claims, incorrectly, that he first became aware of the Niger allegations from the CIA. That may not be correct–there are other indications he first learned in a DIA briefing, and then brought it up to the CIA.

They cite a meeting between Cheney, Tenet, and the CPD head on June 10, 2003. That may be how Jon Kiriakou got an order to look into this trip, reflected in an email written on the same date.

Most important: This confirms (page 6) that Cheney ascribed his knowledge of Plame’s ID to Tenet, presumably in the secure line conversation he had with Tenet.

Interesting. They were asking him his about his notations about Mayaki–which is the content of Bob Novak’s column that remains unexplained.

Cheney was spouting his own talking points back to Fitz.

Interesting. He was asked about cables relating to the trip. This is how I have speculated he found out about Plame, and he was repeating talking points from it (the talking points showed up in Novak’s column and Judy’s notes).

Cheney’s pretending he didn’t set it up so that Cathie Martin would learn about Plame. That’s a lie.

WOW. Libby reminded Cheney he first learned of Plame from him. They worked out a cover story together. But when asked about it, Cheney claimed he had never spoken about Plame until after Novak’s column. That is an amazing lie.

If I were Scooter Libby and saw how Dick sold him out, I’d start talking right now.

Cheney refused to sign a waiver of journalists he had spoken with!!!

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