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Blanche Lincoln “Witholding” Decision to Send Bill to Debate

Goal ThermometerGreg Sargent has a doozy from Blanche Lincoln’s office:

Senator Lincoln has yet to see all the details of the plan Leader Reid has asked the Congressional Budget Office to review and therefore is withholding a final decision on a procedural motion to send it to the floor. Senator Lincoln has had numerous talks with her colleagues and Leader Reid and remains actively engaged in finding an acceptable solution that both greatly improves our health insurance system and avoids creation of a new government health insurance plan that places Arkansas and American taxpayers at risk.

Yes, Blanche isn’t even sure she’ll let health care be debated on the floor of the Senate, let alone allowing to go to a vote.  Evidently her office hasn’t got the memo that the public option is more popular than Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas.

We need $30,000 to put organizers on the ground in Arkansas to start finding support for a primary challenge to Blanche Lincoln.  Already 522 people have donated more than $18,000 to meet this goal.

Now that Blanche Lincoln is holding health care hostage from even being debated, it’s clear she needs to hear our message as soon as possible.

Contribute now to find supporters of a primary challenge to Blanche Lincoln with organizers in Arkansas.

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