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Attention Bush Apologists: Reagan Greeted Fallen Americans at an Air Force Base, Idiots

It appears my post yesterday got the teabaggers all riled up.

Apparently, their position is that George W. Bush’s refusal to honor fallen Americans as they return to this country for the last time — something his predecessors all did — is proof that a) he loves the troops more than anyone else and; b) because Obama did so, he shamefully, cynically exploited our dead.

Anyway, to those wingnuts, and Liz Cheney, my response is: suck on this.


Reagan not only had the nerve to be photographed with the dead. He announced it in a radio address.

In a few hours I’ll undertake one of the saddest journeys of my Presidency. I’ll be going to Andrews Air Force Base to meet one of our Air Force planes bringing home 16 Americans who died this week in the terrorist attack on the United States Embassy in Beirut.

Looking forward to the drooling Bushbots criticizing Reagan for “turning the funeral into a spectacle with the press and other jackals yapping around the periphery.

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Blue Texan