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UPDATED- Local News Coverage of PornoPete’s Press Debacle

MORE “I report and you decide” Time!

First up, WCSH-6, this video:

One wonders if the press was as incredibly shocked, horrified and embarrassed by this “event” , or as disgusted by the open homophobic frothing rants of this trio as I was?

Plus, it’s never a good idea to announce an “OMG!!!” event to the Maine media for a specific time before the noon broadcast, then have almost a half-hour delay that you explain away as “waiting for some staff members who are running late”… let alone start out by spending a half-hour criticizing the Maine media and stating they aren’t doing their job, as PornoPete did!

No wonder all 3 had difficulty looking up, once the cameras were FINALLY rolling!

Again, the video of Jesse Connolly speaking with the Maine media:

And now some explanation about a few of the reporters asking the questions.

 Here is a shot of WCSH-6’s Don Carrigan who asked,

“Is there a radical gay agenda associated with this?”

I answered on my previous post, when this was brought up:

Nope, nope, nope

The reporter who asked that question, Don Carrigan, works for WCSH-6 and is someone I have watched and respected greatly for decades- Don is a helluva nice and fair guy, as well as a constant figure at the State House with a long history of great reporting.

Think Maine’s version of Walter Cronkite for gravitas- I trust him completely.

What he was doing was asking the question based on the phrasing that LaBarbera, Camenker and Madore used, time and again, until I lost count myself!

But I can certainly see how it appears that way.


Another thought and this is important…

Don was there for over an hour, as was Jim Keithly from WMTW etc… yet NO ONE DID A “B roll/ package/ stand alone” clip that aired with their report.

Paul Madore is very well known as incredibly rabid/ frothing homophobic up here, and has been for years- he makes Mike Heath look timid and reasonable! So that the clip focused on HIM and not the other speakers says alot.

More below the fold, including MPBN- Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s take… and it’s rather bad for PornoPete- as well as Susan Cover’s Kennebec Journal write-up.

After this mess, I would honestly be surprised if Maine media ever covers another event for the trio, SFMM or anyone even vaguely associated with them, other than minimally.From MPBN, this report which focuses on The Peter’s attempt to criticize Maine media coverage and to tell the media how to do their jobs!

Groups Accuse No on One Campaign of Promoting “Radical Agenda”

10/28/2009   Reported By: A.J. Higgins

The campaign to repeal Maine’s gay marriage law today brought out representatives from two out-of-state groups to help make a case that the news media are being duped by the No on One campaign.

At a State House press conference, the Maine Grassroots Coalition told reporters that “clever advertising” by supporters of gay marriage is concealing a secret radical agenda.

Peter LaBarbera says the Maine media simply aren’t asking the right questions of those who want to keep the state’s gay marriage law on the books.

He says reporters should question why groups such as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which have contributed to the No on One campaign, openly support what he calls a “sexual freedom agenda.”

“Which advocates tearing down all laws against decency, pornography, adult clubs — they even advocate for public sex in the streets,” LaBarbera says. “Is this information getting out? Do Maine citizens know that one of the leading groups organizing behind No on One has one of the most radical sexual agendas ever conceived?”

Long-time gay rights opponent Paul Madore of Lewiston goes even further. He says the real goal of gay advocacy groups working for same-sex marriage is really nothing more than to place a stamp of approval on a lifestyle that would otherwise be rejected by the masses.

“It’s a total publicity stunt,” says No on One Campaign Manager Jesse Connelly. “Where’s Mark Mutty, where’s the bishop? Why aren’t they here today?”

Connelly noted that Mutty and other representatives of the Stand for Marriage Maine group were not on hand for the event, although their banner was. The only thing to come out of the press conference, he says, was more anti-gay rhetoric.

One of the groups on hand in Augusta, called Mass Resistance, has been classified as a hate group by the southern Poverty Law Center. Brian Camaker, director of Mass Resistance, dismisses the designation as political.

Following the State House press conference, Stand For Marriage Maine did in fact disavow any connection to the coalition, saying the speakers’ statements were strictly their own.

Kennebec Journal here:

Coalition claims ‘radical homosexual agenda’

Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition held a State House Hall of Flags press conference today to talk about what he believes is a “radical homosexual agenda” behind the No on 1 campaign.

Madore urged people to vote “yes” on Question 1 on Tuesday, which asks voters if they want to reject a new state law that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry. About eight people held signs at the press conference, which featured Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance.

“I’m here today to address the media in Maine, and to speak to the people of Maine, about the Yes vote on Question 1, and what we know to be the intimidating influence that radical homosexual groups have had in influencing a No vote on Q1,” Madore said.

Just for fun, take a gander at who Madore is

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