My vote will be counted. Will yours?

Dear readers, we have reached the penultimate chapter of our story Ballot Voyage: An Approve Referendum 71 ballot odyssey!

Chapter 3, in which a ballot signature is validated and the voter is credited with single-handedly saving the Domestic Partnership law from the scourge of hard-hearted anti-family judgmentalists!

Well ok, maybe not single-handedly.  In fact, my vote will have been for naught if your vote doesn’t join it in the R-71 APPROVED bin.  Ahem!

Some housekeeping reminders:  

  • King County voters can track their ballots just like I did by clicking here.  
  • Ballots must be dropped in an official drop box or postmarked on or before Tuesday, Nov. 3rd to be valid.  Don’t make the mistake of dropping your ballot in the mail after the Post Office has closed on the 3rd.  Vote early to avoid mishaps, kerfuffles and discombobulations.
  • Mailed-in ballots from Pierce County require 61 cents in postage.  Ballots from other counties require first-class postage.
  • If you want to avoid the mail, locations of official ballot drop boxes can be found in your voter guide and on the website of your county auditor or elections department.
  • Fair warning: if I learn on Nov. 4th that you forgot to vote or were “too busy”, as Bjork says you’ll meet an army of me.  This will be an understatement!Cross-posted at Washblog.
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