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 Local News

News 8 Sponsors Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Coalition Claims Same Sex Marriage Is Part Of Radical Agenda

Lewiston Sun Journal
Oct. 29, Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal
All eyes on Question 1

Kennebec Journal
Campaign myths obscure real issues in next week's vote

Kennebec Journal
Oct. 29, Letters to the Editor

Bangor Daily News
Debaters predict how gay marriage will affect society

Bangor Daily News
Oct. 29, Letters to the Editor

Portland Press Herald
Debate pits tradition vs. equality

Portland Press Herald
Judge: State can press for disclosure of donors

Portland Press Herald
Early voting gives Mainers another chance to have a say

Portland Press Herald
A society that loses the influence of faith inevitably becomes unstable

Portland Press Herald
Question 1 supported, opposed by readers

News 8 Sponsors Same-Sex Marriage Debate
PORTLAND, Maine — Question 1 on this November's ballot asks Mainers whether they want to overturnMaine's same-sex marriage law. 

November 3 Ballot: Same-Sex Marriage
Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks continues coverage of Maine's November 3 ballot initiatives. This week: Same-Sex Marriage, or Question 1. 

Letters: Same-sex couples are 'incompatible'
The Maine Campus
By The Maine Campus It baffles me that so many proponents of Maine's same-sex marriage law feel it is an issue of discrimination and nothing more. 

University community debates implications, merits of Question 1
The Maine Campus
To kick off the discussion on Tuesday, both “Yes on 1” and “No on 1” advertisements were presented. Three out of four of the advertisements shown were about 

Yes on One Contributors Dealt Setback in Effort to Keep Donors Names Private
So far, it has financed more than 60 percent of the Yes On One/Stand for Marriage Maine campaign, with donations of $1.6 million. 

TV debate focuses on marriage initiative
Central Maine Morning Sentinel – Augusta,ME,USA
He filled in Wednesday for Marc Mutty of Stand for Marriage Maine, who could not participate because of illness. Bonauto, speaking for No on 1, 

Activists decry 'radical' agenda
Central Maine Morning Sentinel – Augusta,ME,USA
In response, Jesse Connolly of No on 1 said he's proud of the financial support the campaign has gotten from a variety of groups, including the Human Rights 

Gay marriage critics say 'radical' groups at work
Bangor Daily News – Bangor,ME,USA
Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for No on 1, was quick to denounce Wednesday's press conference as a “political stunt” and called on Stand for Marriage 

Groups Accuse No on One Campaign of Promoting “Radical Agenda”
The campaign to repeal Maine's gay marriage law today brought out representatives from two out-of-state groups to help make a case that the news media are 

Group Funding Gay Marriage Repeal Campaign Loses Court Fight
NOM has contributed $1.6 million to the Yes on One/Stand for Marriage Maine campaign, but the group maintains that its contributors donate to the 

Bowdoin in the News: October in Review
Bowdoin News
The cable network's Web site carried the article, “Same-Sex Marriage Battle Moves to Maine,” which included commentary from Potholm, who notes that the 

Swastikas Painted On 'Yes on One' Signs
MyFox Maine – Portland,USA
In response to Fish's statement, No on One spokesperson Jesse Connolly pointed out that their signs have been vandalized as well, and asked the Yes on One 

Voting against gay marriage is not an intolerant move
John Paul's remarks are similar to a phrase commonly used to describe the predictive nature of Mainepolitics: “As Maine goes, so goes the nation. 

Question 1 imposes one religious ideology on all
Central Maine Morning Sentinel
The Maine law that permits same-sex marriage is intended to extend the rights and benefits of marriage to all citizens of the state. 

Catholic church has taken partisan role on Question 1
Central Maine Morning Sentinel
If suddenly the Roman Catholic Church has to pay taxes, that bottom line will be quite a windfall for the state of Maine. The bishop's mansion will bring in 

Baldacci: Vote for gay marriage | Maine News Updates
By The Associated Press 
Maine voters will cast ballots next Tuesday on whether to repeal the state's gay marriage law, which was passed by the Legislature earlier this year. The governor also said same-sex marriage is an emotional issue — and there are good, 
Maine News Updates – 

The remainder of the email, starting with national news and going into all of the blogs (including the Blend) below the fold…

National News

Volunteers may make the difference in Maine
Bay Area Reporter
In just a few short days, the goal for this office, the Central Maine office of the No on 1 campaign, will be to dial up 4390 people and knock on 17211 

Gay marriage supporters, opponents in Maine square off in TV 
Brian Souchet (soo-SHAY') of Stand for Marriage Maine and Mary Bonauto from Protect Maine Equality engaged in a wide-ranging hourlong debate at the University of Southern Maine in Portland on Wednesday. 
Nation – 

Gay-marriage supporters, opponents square off
The Associated Press
The referendum is about equality under the law, Mary Bonauto of Protect Maine Equality said in a debate before an audience of nearly 370 people at the 

Senator Chuck Schumer says we “must not rest” until gay marriage in legal in 
Gay Socialites (blog)
 law that legalized same-sex marriage in Maine. But if it fails it will be the first time that any state approves gay marriage through a state-wide vote. 

Gay-marriage supporters, opponents square off
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Brian Souchet, of Stand for Marriage Maine, left, listens to a response by Mary Bonauto, of Protect Maine Equality, during a debate on referendum Question 1 

Gay marriage question focus of Maine TV debate
The Associated Press
Brian Souchet (soo-SHAY') of Stand for Marriage Maine and Mary Bonauto from Protect Maine Equality engaged in a wide-ranging hourlong debate at the 

Gay marriage question focus of Maine TV debate
Houston Chronicle
Souchet says it proposes a “radical redefinition” of marriage that could even lead to gay marriage being taught in schools. Maine voters will have the final 

Maine: it's crunch time
Bay Windows – Boston,MA,USA
Jesse Connolly, the 31-year-old native Maine married heterosexual who heads up the statewide 'No on 1' campaign, enters and says hello to Pam Perkins, 

In Aftermath of Prop 8, San Francisco Fights for Gay Marriage in Maine
San Francisco Chronicle
BY DEIA DE BRITO The Maine campaign to end marriage inequality reached as far across the country as it could on Tuesday night and urged San Francisco 

Gay-marriage Supporters, Opponents Square Off
Marc Mutty of Stand for Marriage Maine and Mary Bonauto from Protect Maine Equality will engage in an hourlong debate at the University of Southern Maine in 

Californians helping Maine affirm same sex marriage law
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Lewiston, ME — Californians, in particular, are watching Maine's same sex marriage vote closely. And some, like Demi Espinoza, Daniel Shad and Gabe 

Maine Catholic agonizes over opposing the church over same sex marriage
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
3 a landmark vote on same sex marriage will take place in Maine. There voters will cast ballots on a measure known as Question 1. 

Maine's pro-same sex marriage field leader outlines the path to victory
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
The folks who are trying to keep same sex marriage legal in Maine hope they've learned some lessons from that. Most turnout estimates project that 500000 

WBZ NEWSRADIO 1030 – ME Gov. urges residents to vote against 
“I support Maine's domestic partner registry for committed same-sex couples. I don't support changingMaine statutes to recognize same-sex marriage. That isn't a fight Maine needs now,” Baldacci said then. 
A1 – HOME – Top Stories – 

Maine's Governor Downplays National Angle Ahead of Tuesday's Gay 
By George Stephanopoulos 
The state of Maine could make national headlines if gay marriage is upheld on Tuesday. But don't look for Gov. John Baldacci (D) on a “pedestal” anytime soon. ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports on politics, the White House, 
George's Bottom Line – 

Heated battle in Maine's same-sex marriage vote
San Francisco Chronicle
 that helps people “overcome” gay attractions. Maine families can be found at community hockey rinks – just as they are at soccer fields in California. 

A long list of wrongs – Portsmouth,NH,USA
The other night I wound up working the phones on behalf of the No on One Campaign. I think I kind of got roped into it by my wife, but figured it was the 

Maine becomes battlefield for same sex marriage – USA
“It's a defining moment,” Marc Mutty, chairman of Stand for Marriage Maine, told the New York Times. His organization is leading the repeal effort. 


Maine Question 1 Going Down to the Wire
Beyond Chron
by Paul Hogarth‚ Oct. 29‚ 2009 This morning, I will arrive at Portland International Jetport – to spend the last six days of the campaign for “No on 1

GLBTQ: Combined Gay News Headlines (T5T-1)
By Tom 
Below the fold, some sh*t video clips that are gonna be damned hard for the Portland Diocese and SFMM's Marc Mutty (who was strangely absent/replaced in tonight's televised live debate against Mary Bonauto, with no explanation given! 

Group Slams “No On One – Portland,ME,USA
A man who fought against previous same-sex issues in Maine is back in the spotlight. News 8's Jim Keithley reports.

Equality Maine's Testimony Videos: Gay Marriage Isn't Just for Kids
By the team 
Equality Maine's Testimony Videos: Gay Marriage Isn't Just for Kids. Maine Equality shatters the misconception that anyone over the age of 60 is auto-homophobic. Anti-gay bullies try to get Obama's progressive safe schools czar outsed, 

Hate Group and Extremists to Hold Anti-Gay Presser in Maine Today
Towleroad (blog)
Brian Camenker of MassResistance (left), Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (middle), and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition 

Secrecy Shrouds “Yes on 1” on Both Sides of Campaign Ledger
Beyond Chron – San Francisco,CA,USA
It prompted their spokesman, Marc Mutty, to send an urgent appeal for funds – claiming that they were “under financial assault.” NOM followed up the next 

The Wages Of Misinformation
Atlantic Online (blog)
This Sunday, I volunteered with Equality California and the No On 1 Campaign to make calls to Maine residents to inform them about the measure and urge them 

Open Left:: Not the Same
By Adam Bink 
Tue Oct 27, 2009 at 19:00. Hark! A Stand for Marriage Maine ad that doesn't completely suck! And after weeks of fearmongering, a positive one to boot! This seems like their closing argument to me, and is a strong one at that: “we can 

Open Left – Front Page –

Bilgrimage: Final Week of Maine Campaign: Continued Questions 
By William D. Lindsey 
Paul Hogarth notes that there's secrecy on both sides of NOM's ledger in this Maine campaign. Not only has NOM shielded the identity of those providing the organization with funds to fight same-sex marriage in Maine, but big chunks of 
Bilgrimage – 

Not the Same
Tips-Q GLBT News (blog)
Stand for Marriage Maine ad that doesn't completely suck! And after weeks of fearmongering, a positive one to boot! This seems like their closing argument 

Box Turtle Bulletin » Poll Shows Maine's Q1 Losing, Yes Side 
By Jim Burroway 
Maybe that's why Stand for Marriage Maine has decided to shift their tone with their latest television ad: YouTube Preview Image. The tone is much less menacing, but the message is still there, softened with the assurance that “we want 

Box Turtle Bulletin –

Same-sex marriage no threat to religious liberties

Tips-Q GLBT News (blog)

As a former attorney general of Maine, I seek to reassure voters that our religious liberties are secure whatever the outcome of the vote on Question 1. 

Tips-Q GLBT News (blog)
BANGOR, Maine — Supporters of Maine's same-sex marriage law marked the final week of the campaign on Tuesday with a get-out-the-vote event in Bangor 

Heated battle in Maine's same-sex marriage vote

Tips-Q GLBT News (blog)
The next bellwether battle over same-sex marriage will be settled in Maine Tuesday by an expected 500000 voters, about as many as cast ballots last year in 

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: Att Gen By John Aravosis (DC) 
Att Gen Holder asked about No on 1 in Maine, flubs it. Joe, who is on the road to Maine today (I'll be joining him on Saturday), sent me the following email summing up this story: Earlier this month, the White House called the anti-gay 

Taking stock of Yes on 1's families – Good As You:: Gay and 
I just have picked up on it after reading this posting and noticed in the commerical that there weren't any foot notes about the names of the families and what city they are from like No on 1 does. I can't believe Stand for Marriage 
Good As You – 

Don't Let 1 Be Like 8 – Peter's POZ Blog
By Peter Staley 
Donate online to No On 1 (I did, months ago). If you can't afford a donation, they have various ways to volunteer, including calling potential voters from your own phone (for those outside Maine, the Courage Campaign is organizing these 
Peter's POZ Blog – 

Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
Daily Kos (blog)
The 'No on 1' campaign, by contrast, has over 20000 individual donors. Odd: I can't recall any letters to the editor or opinion columns published in Maine's 

Stand for Marriage Maine Brings Out the Scary Black Woman for its 
When Stand for Marriage Maine wanted to put out its first TV ads against samesex marriage inMaine it put out an audition notice looking for a nice 

Hate group holding press conference in Maine tomorrow
AMERICAblog (blog)
And good ole Peter is holding a press conference in Maine tomorrow to explain how awful gay people are to the Mainers. Too bad, they're also now going to 

DemConWatch:: The Maine Gay Marriage Vote
By DocJess 
Remember, this is a vote NOT to rescind the legislation making gay marriage legal in Maine. In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Governor Baldacci said. “I came to believe that this is a 
DemConWatch – 

That Other Equality Referendum
Daily Kos (blog)
One of the reasons, perhaps, that this referendum hasn't been as much in focus as Maine's is that actual gay marriage isn't at stake–we're not talking full 

Kala-Maine-ington – Good As You:: Gay and Lesbian Activism With a 
Kala-Maine-ington: Good As You: Gay and Lesbian Activism With a Sense of Humor. News. Politics. Commentary. Irreverence.

Conservative Christians in Maine Urge Voters to Approve R-71 in 
By (Dan Savage) 
The Yes on 1 campaign in Maine had been running around arguing that same-sex marriage was a dire threat to children because gay wedding ceremonies usually begin with the ritual tossing of the flower girls into a wood chipper. 
The Stranger, Seattle's Only… –

News For the Mormon Legal Community: How Maine Q. 1 is different 
By Peter R. 
The campaign has mostly stayed below the radar, but voters in Maine will soon decide whether same-sex marriage will be legalized in their state. Question 1 on this November's ballot is very similar to last year's California Proposition 
News For the Mormon Legal Community – 

Maine's Gov Urges Voters to Keep Equality : Gay News from Gay 
By James Hipps 
Maine's Gov Urges Voters to Keep Equality. Maine's Governor, John Baldacci has publicly urged the state's residents to vote against repealing the recent legislation that made same-sex marriage legal. Acknowledging his past opposition to 
Gay News from Gay Agenda – – 

Pam's House Blend:: Audio: Peter LaBarbera's anti-gay 'rally' at 
By Pam Spaulding 
No Marc Mutty. No Bishop Malone. No Bob Emrich. And I canNOT wait to hear what they have to say about Pete, Brian and Paul's field trip to Augusta! Please Donate To No On 1/Protect Maine Equality! 

ALERT: Live Televised Debate, Mary Bonauto Vs. Marc Mutty 
By Pam's House Blend via 
ALERT: Live Televised Debate, Mary Bonauto Vs. Marc Mutty– TOMORROW NIGHT! – 

Stand for Maine Pimps White Children and Black Woman in New Site 
By Genia 
Stand for Marriage Maine, an anti-gay marriage campaign has launched a deceitful Google Adwords campaign that suggests that same-sex marriage rights in Maine will result in homosexuality being taught in public schools. Lies. Lies. 
SistersTalk – 

Box Turtle Bulletin » Hate Group Holds Press Conference At Maine 
By Jim Burroway 
This press conference comes squarely on the heals of Stand for Marriage Maine's attempt to project a softer and kinder image. Jeff Connely, Campaign manager for Protect Maine Equality issued a press release denouncing the true face of 

Pam's House Blend:: No On 1's Jesse Connolly Releases Statement 
By Louise 
Jesse Connolly, the NO on 1 campaign manager, today released the following statement regarding the press event by the Maine Grassroots Coalition and Stand for Marriage Maine at the State House. In addition to featuring Paul Madore of 

Pam's House Blend – Front Page –

LdC: A Maine Father Speaks Out and Calls for a No Vote on Question 1By (Chino Blanco) 
Sean mentions Stand for Marriage Maine's Facebook page. Head over and check it out in order to appreciate the kind of folks who're really driving the Yes on One campaign. If you can, try leaving a comment and see how long it stays up. 
LdC – 

NO on 1 Campaign Slams Anti-Gay, Anti-Marriage Equality AttacksTips-Q GLBT News – New York,NY,USA
Jesse Connolly, the NO on 1 campaign manager, today released the following statement regarding the press event by the Maine Grassroots Coalition and Stand 

Court Denies NOM's Emergency Attempt to Hide Donors

Tips-Q GLBT News – New York,NY,USA

The following statement was released by Jesse Connolly, NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign manager, in reaction to the decision by the United States 
NGblog: Yes On 1 campaign are desperate, Google AdsenseBy NG 
Drive for Equality, win in Maine – Travel to Maine and protect marriage equality Election Day in Maine is a mere six days away, and the pro-equality folks, No on 1 : Protect Maine Equality, … 1 hour ago. The New Civil Rights Movement 
NGblog – 

Gay studies' in the schools used to 'swift boat' the same-sex By rhibbard 
“Still reeling from last year's defeat in California, gay-rights advocates say a defeat here could further a perception that only judges and politicians embrace same-sex marriage. If Maine's law is upheld, however, it would be the 
InvestigateWest – 

Prop 8 vets help Maine and Washington state | LGBT POVBy Karen 
Because the No on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign has been on the ground identifying voters for close to a year with a field effort to scale for their state. Because national and state groups around the country are making these fights 

Focus of Gay Marriage Fight Moves to MaineStand for Marriage isn't the only group involved in the fight, and has actually been beaten financiallyProtect Maine Equality, has raised $4 million, compared with Stand for Marriage's $2.6 million. Its message is that there should not 
RSS Feed – Latest Digital Journal News – 

Joe. My. God.: Maine Needs You!By Joe 
Basically, Karin [of Protect Maine Equality] needs you to get trained fast, then make lots of phone calls to Maine from wherever you are. It won't cost you anything. The software calls you. Your phone number won't be revealed. 
Joe. My. God. – 

What You Can Do Right Now To Protect Marriage Equality In
The No on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign is hoping to make 500000 calls to Maine voters between now and election day next Tuesday. 

Yes on One Anti-Gay Print Ad

Tips-Q GLBT News (blog)

As noted by No One/Protect Maine Equality, A press event was held by the Maine Grassroots Coalition and Stand for Marriage Maine at the State House. 
Turning out Early Maine Voters at Bowdoin College (PinkBananaWorld By HRC Back Story via 
The No on One Campaign teamed up with the Bowdoin College Dems to bring the Brunswick Town Clerk on campus for four hours last Saturday morning. Teams of student volunteers worked to create a buzz on campus all week, urging students to – 

YouTube – Jesse Connolly Speaks With Press
Oct 28, 2009  Hall of Flags, State House, Augusta ME. Jesse spoke to the press after the Peter LaBarbera, Brian Camenker and Paul Madore rally, 
Stolen, Defaced, Swiped. Now Swastikas Painted On 'Yes on One By mlabot 
In a statement regarding the vandalism, Scott Fish, spokesman for the Yes on One campaign, said: “Given the consistent awful rhetoric of the No on One campaign, it is no surprise their supporters are acting in awful ways.” 
Firefly Dove – 

Franco-American News & Events, 8: Same-sex marriage fight roils MaineBy Rhea Cote Robbins, Editor 
“It's an emotional issue, something that has divided people for many years,'' said Mark Sullivan, spokesman for No on 1/Protect Maine Equality. “But this is a campaign about fairness. About traditional Maine values of fairness and 
Franco-American News & Events, 8 – 

Porter, LaBarbera, and Gallagher Talk Marriage In Maine | Right By Kyle 
 though she estimated that NOM would raise nearly $10 million this year, and spent most of her time claiming that those a who support marriage equality are “lying to the people of Maine about what gay marriage means”: 

Gay-marriage supporters, opponents in Maine square off in TV debateBy Clarke Canfield 
Brian Souchet (soo-SHAY') of Stand for Marriage Maine and Mary Bonauto from Protect Maine Equality engaged in a wide-ranging hourlong debate at the University of Southern Maine in Portland on Wednesday. 

Pam's House Blend:: U. S. District Court in Maine DENIES NOM's By Louise 
(Um… that's Brian Souchet; where is Marc Mutty???) Just in: Statement for NO on 1 on Today's Court Decision Denying National Organization for Marriage Its Emergency Attempt to Hide Donors Portland, Maine (Wednesday, October 28, 

Pam's House Blend:: YouTube Extravaganza! LaBarbera/Camenker By Louise 
I was reading the comments to the tv station over the debate and all the No on One crowd were complaining that the station was not fair to its debater. I figure if they're complaining they think they lost.
Pam's House Blend – Front Page – 

ON Tuesday, voters in Maine will decide whether they want to repeal Maine's new marriage equality law or vote no to protect the right of all Mainers to marry the person they love. And you can bet the opposition to same sex marriage has 


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