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Gov. John Baldacci Kicks Off No On 1’s “GOTV” Efforts

Rumor has it that Governor Baldacci will be on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’- TONIGHT!!

Just in from the No On 1 campaign:

Volunteers Continue to Urge Families, Friends and Neighbors to Vote NO on Question1

Advocate Fairness and Equality for all Maine Families

Brewer, Maine (October 29, 2009)—

All across Maine, NO on 1 Campaign volunteers are contacting friends, neighbors and family members urging them to vote NO on Question 1.  As Get-Out-the-Vote efforts kick into high gear, nearly 8,000 volunteers – from Kittery to Fort Kent – are staffing phone banks, knocking on doors and talking to everyone they know, encouraging them to vote for fairness and equality for all Maine families.

Governor Baldacci kicked off the NO on 1 Campaign’s GOTV efforts in Bangor earlier this week.  Flanked by families, volunteers and several area legislators, Baldacci said,

“I think Maine people have recognized … that we are all unique people, we are all different.  But we are all under the same Constitution and we all want to make sure there is equal protection for all citizens.”

“There is a lot that needs to be done. The referendum election is next Tuesday.  We should be leaning forward and making sure, right up until 8 o’clock on Tuesday, that we have done everything possible, because we know a lot rides on this,” said Governor Baldacci.

In Orono on Wednesday, area legislators with deep ties to the University joined student volunteers and friends of the NO on 1 campaign on the campus to urge students to vote NO on Question 1.

According to Melanie Rockefeller, a UMaine student who is volunteering with the No on 1 campaign, the response from students has been overwhelming.

“The NO on 1 Campaign has empowered students to talk to their peers effectively about fairness and equality for all Maine people while at the same time encouraging all students to exercise their right to vote,” said Rockefeller.

Scores of volunteers gathered at the NO on 1 Campaign office at 250 State Street in Brewer tonight for a critical telephone push to supporters.  According to Kevin Gilgan, a volunteer from Bangor who has been involved with the campaign since the beginning, turnout is key.

“We’ve logged thousands of volunteer hours and over the next 5 days we’ll log thousands more.  It’s just incredible.  The energy and enthusiasm of all of the volunteers – Maine people who want equality for all families – is absolutely tremendous.  Every night I come here to volunteer, I see more and more people showing up to help,” said Mr. Gilgan.

Jeanne Paradis, an Old Town resident, stopped by the office tonight with snacks for the volunteers and to encourage them to continue their efforts.

“Thank you all for the countless hours you’ve already given to make this campaign successful.  Until the polls close on Election Day, we need to continue to remind our supporters how important it is to vote No on Question 1.  We need to make sure that ALL Maine familes have equal protection under the law,” said Paradis.

For more information on the NO on 1 Campaign’s Get-Out-the-Vote activities contact Mark Sullivan at (207)671-0542 or

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