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And Now For Something “Completely Different”: MFPC’s Take On PornoPete’s “Rally”

You just canNOT make this sh*t up… I’ve truncated as much as I can!

Press Conference Sheds Light on Same Sex Marriage Debate

Three well-known pro-family activists appeared at a press conference in Augusta on Wednesday to expose the hidden agenda of the same sex marriage movement.

The press conference was heavily attended by reporters, who in addition to hearing the unvarnished truth about the homosexual rights movement, got a much-needed lecture on journalistic ethics.

After the three pro-family leaders huddled for prayer, Paul Madore, director of the Maine Grassroots Coalition opened the press conference by saying that the campaign for homosexual marriage was like a Hollywood production, “a ‘Rocky’ movie in which the referee is on the fight.”

I wasn’t gonna SAY anything about that, but…

Throughout the press conference, Madore faulted the media for their blatantly obvious double standard in the battle over homosexual marriage.

Madore then introduced Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. LaBarbera pointed out that the media have failed to explore the connection between national homosexual “rights” groups such as the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce, and the No on 1 campaign.

LaBarbera brought up the connection between the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, an organization which promotes an extremely liberal view of human sexuality. LaBarbera claimed that this aspect of the homosexual “rights” movement is as offensive as Fred Phelps, but is entirely ignored by the press.

LaBarbera also claimed that the wholesome images shown in the No on 1 TV ads hide the true nature of homosexuality and the homosexual subculture. LaBarbera shared his own horror at the exhibits he saw at Chicago’s “Leather Museum”.

Is THAT what he was doing??? Looks like a working vacation to me…

Towards the end of the press conference, Paul Madore stated that there will be voter fraud on November 3rd by activists trying to win by any means possible.

Peter LaBarbera summed up the press conference by saying that the vote on same sex marriage is really about the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality.

It should be noted that many of the reporters took an adversarial tone, and many of the questions were intended to score points for the homosexual “rights” movement.

But the closing scene in which fawning reporters swarmed around a beaming Jesse Connolly (shown below), says it all. Jesse Connolly is of course, the leader of the No on 1 campaign, and finds a willing echo chamber in a biased and compliant press.

As the reporters and the public filed out of the Hall of Flags, Madore, Camenker, and LaBarbera all seemed exceptionally pleased with the result of the press conference, confident that the truth about the homosexual “rights” movement was being told at last.

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