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2002, Brit Diplomat in Uzbekistan Witnessed CIA Rendition Flights, Proof of Torture Most Horrible

While watching the video I give you here, all I could think was (like Sen. Whitehouse), “Oh God, tell me we didn’t do that.”

The man being interviewed was a British diplomat with 20 years experience. His name is Craig Murray. In 2002 he was British Senior Diplomat in Uzbekistan, ruled by a brutal dictator. He states that in 2002 there were only about 300 – 400 ‘ex-pats’ in the entire country, meaning Brits and American. He knew the CIA men involved here. He witnessed the rendition flights bringing people in to be tortured in 2002

You will learn more about Governor of TX George W. Bush and his dealings with Enron and Uzbek in 1997, documented by a letter shown.

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