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U. S. District Court in Maine DENIES NOM’s Attempt To Hide Donors!!!

OMIGAWD, peeps!

WMTW link to story- and link to LIVE DEBATE here, between Marc Mutty and Mary Bonauto at USM’s Hannaford Hall- NOW!!

(Um… that’s Brian Souchet; where is Marc Mutty???)

Just in:

Statement for NO on 1 on Today’s Court Decision Denying National Organization for Marriage

Its Emergency Attempt to Hide Donors

Portland, Maine (Wednesday, October 28, 2009)—

The following statement was released by Jesse Connolly, NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign manager, in reaction to the decision by the United States District Court, District of Maine in denying efforts by the National Organization for Marriage and the American Principles in Action to stop the state ethics commission from forcing them to reveal their donors identities.

In part, the court wrote:

” . . . Maine has a very strong interest in providing its voters with information about the source of the money that funds the campaign on either side of a ballot issue.”

In response to today’s decision, Connolly released this statement:

“We believe the voters of Maine were well served today in federal court as  the National Organization for Marriage and American Principles in Action were denied their attempt to skirt campaign disclosure laws in a final push to buy this election.

NOM is the largest, single contributor to the Yes campaign, so far funneling $1.6 million in the campaign, yet they were seeking to pump in even more, but only if the court would shield their donors from public view.

“Our goal in this campaign has always been full disclosure.  The goal of the Yes campaign and its largest contributors has been the opposite — to hide the sources of their war chest until this campaign is over.”

I repeat… OMIGAWD.

From WGME:

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A federal judge has turned down a request by the National Organization for Marriage to suspend Maine’s campaign reporting requirements for ballot initiatives.

But the judge’s decision on Wednesday will have no immediate impact on the biggest contributor to the group that’s trying to overturn Maine’s gay marriage law.

The ethics commission voted Oct. 1 to examine contributions by the National Organization for Marriage after it was accused of not reporting the names of many donors. But the commission’s investigation won’t be completed until long after Election Day.

The lawsuit, meanwhile, will carry on. Jim Bopp, lawyer for NOM, says Maine’s reporting requirements violate the Constitution’s First Amendment.

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