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MassResistance’s Brian Camenker Joining PornoPete At Augusta Statehouse!

Omigosh- we’ve got an especially delicious freshly-baked batch of “SchadenfreudeWith Nuts” today on the Blend!


Not only has Teh Peter/ Leatherman/ Porno Pete finally arrived in Maine, long after CCL MFPC Tanzania Tupperware salesman Mikey Heath first announced the kickoff of LaBarbera’s “ZOMG, TRUTH TOUR 2009 !!11!!”, but he stopped in Massachusetts and brought a friend up to Maine for  SFMM/ Schubert-Flint’s version of a “Volunteer Vacation”!

Here’s the announcement from mASSresistance’s website of Brian’s travel plans:

Waitaminute, this can’t be right!

How is it that Maine Family Policy Council’s site has this important news- and Camenker’s own organization is dead SILENT about it???

Hmm. Must be an oversight.

Well, enjoy these Blend “Leftovers” that need polishing off instead!!

Video break: Brian Camenker and Bam-Bam Barber yuck it up with Phyllis Schlafly…

The bunching knickers of MassResistance’s Brian Camenker (whining that state senate President ignores him)…

Brian Camenker too Nutty ‘n Hateful for the Haters.…

MassResistance hard up for ca$h…

MassResistance: the lowest of the low

(his fellow hater outs her own daughter)…

Porno Pete defends Massachusetts fundie slapped down by Mitt…

Here’s audio of Camenker with Mike Heath…just shows you the fringe element sticks together:

*Audio source: MFPC

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