…also Balloon Boy was most definitely not Michael ordering take-out from Heaven, so just shut up about that.

Spanning the globe and covering the most important news you can use, MSNBC asks true believers to review the midnight showing of The Film of The Rehearsals of  The Concert Tour That Probably Never Would Have Happened Inevitably Leading To More Lawsuits:

“He was a national treasure. This intimate look into the atelier of artist MJ gives a rare glimpse of the genius he embodied. Not a mournful note throughout, but instead, I’m left with a yearning to see that fabulous tour in person… to hear the words I know so well performed again from the razor edge of brilliance. Please, stay to the very end. There’s more beyond the names.” — Linda Morris, Santa Rosa, Calif.

“To watch this was a truly amazing experience.  You have to understand this man is 50 and he moves with precision alongside dancers who are literally dancing for their lives.  This concert would have done what his career has done which is not raise the bar for others but create yet a new bar that all entertainers will aspire to.  To watch creativity just ooze out of this guy as well as raw energy is just really an experience.” — Music foo, Stockton, Calif.

My favorite:

“My 13-year-old son and I went to the premiere and thought it was great! We were two of eight people in the theatre so it was awesome! We were dancing and singing in our seats until 2 a.m. It made us really want to go see Michael in concert and in turn it was bittersweet! RIP Michael. —Marie H., Seldon, N.Y.

I don’t know if that limited two week run is gonna be long enough…

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