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State Blogs Weigh In on Joe Lieberman Filibuster Threat, “Opt-Out”

The state-based progressive blogs are weighing in on Joe Lieberman’s filibuster threat, as well as on the “opt-out,” and overall it’s not pretty. Here’s a short sampling:

*In Connecticut, My Left Nutmeg says that Lieberman’s move ” is the clearest signal yet that he is strongly considering retirement in 2012,” given that “[it] would be political suicide in Connecticut to be seen as the Senator who killed health care reform.”

*Blue Virginia says that “this is where appeasement gets you,” that doing so “got us absolutely nothing, except what Joe Lieberman always does – betrays Democratic principles and stabs the party in the back.”

*Blogging for Michigan’s writes about how the opt-out will put “the public option choice will literally be in the hands of lawmakers who don’t care about us.”

*The Pennsylvania Progressive says that the opt-out “decidedly weakens an already weak bill” and that “[a]llowing individual states to opt out will hurt millions of Americans.”

*Missouri’s Show Me Progress “made some inquiries around the state legislature about the likelihood of Missouri opting out” and concluded that “the odds are relatively good that Missouri would stay in the public option system if an opt out bill needed to be passed through the statehouse.”

*On a more positive note, Loaded Orygun praises Sen. Jeff Merkley for being “a very strong supporter of the PO, and [who] helped put together the HELP Committee version of the bill that will be supplying much of the terms for the Senate configuration of it.”

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Lowell Feld

Lowell Feld

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