Sarah Palin: $1.25 Million Book Deal, Home Mortgaged to Pay Legal Fees


Sarah Palin’s book deal for Goin’ Going Rogue: An American Life paid her a $1.2 million dollar retainer, according to her financial disclosure documents–decent money, but let’s see what the royalties end up being. The book is number 1 on Amazon thanks to pre-sales, and ex-Gov GILF Palin is allegedly appearing on Oprah on November 16, the day before the book hits the shelves. I’ll buy it at a thrift shop; I’m sure¬† Out of Closet, the AIDS Health Care resale store will have dozens by Thanksgiving!

Anchorage Daily News reports that Palin took out a home loan from Wells Fargo for

legal fees to fight false allegations while governor

but she didn’t give a date or amount. Now she’s building a huge new home on land bought the day after she resigned. Now that’s some creative financing!

The financial disclosure reports show that she received $73,000 in salary and $6,370 in per diem during her final months before resigning as governor. She received $1,664 from evangelist Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse for airfare to Russian Mission and Marshall as part of an effort to deliver food aide to the Western Alaska villages last spring, after a huge blogger outcry raised awareness about plight of the starving villagers.

Todd received $2,000 from The Candies Foundation for a trip to New York City in May, recall if you will that Bristol Palin is the spokesperson for The Candies Foundantion which promotes abstinence…

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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