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Lieberman Will Join GOP in Filibuster of Public Option

Joe Lieberman is at it again. When asked if he would filibuster a health care bill that he doesn’t agree with, he said:

I told Senator Reid that I’m strongly inclined–i haven’t totally decided, but I’m strongly inclined–to vote to proceed to the health care debate, even though I don’t support the bill that he’s bringing together because it’s important that we start the debate on health care reform because I want to vote for health care reform this year. But I also told him that if the bill remains what it is now, I will not be able to support a cloture motion before final passage. Therefore I will try to stop the passage of the bill.

Adding that he would vote against a public option “with an opt-out because it still creates a whole new government entitlement program for which taxpayers will be on the line.”

I’ve told Sen. Reid that if the bill stays as it is now I will vote against cloture.

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