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No On 1 ‘Get Out The Vote’ Effort Announced- By United States Representative Cheelie Pingree (D-ME)

 Have I said today how much I love Chellie Pingree?


Well, lemme SAY IT ALREADY 🙂!!!

Check out this latest press release from ‘No On 1’ and see if you don’t love “Chellie P”, too!

Congresswoman Pingree Kicks Off NO on 1 Campaign’s Get Out the Vote Program in Southern Maine

Portland, Maine (October 26, 2009) —

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree together with southern Maine volunteers including area legislators today kicked off the NO on 1 Campaign’s Get Out the Vote effort.

“Same sex couples live in every part of our state in loving, committed relationships and many of them are raising children,” said Congresswoman Pingree.  

“In these final days, each of us must do every thing we can to ensure that this landmark step towards equality for all of Maine families is upheld.”

Congresswoman Pingree recognized the tireless work of campaign volunteers, encouraging them to continue their efforts through November 3.

“Thank you all for the countless hours you’ve already given, but until the polls close on Nov. 3rd, all of us must do even more to make sure that voters understand the consequences of Question 1 and vote NO to treat everyone in Maine equally under the law,” said Pingree.

Congresswoman Pingree called several volunteers to thank them for the long hours they have already committed to the NO on 1 campaign and to discuss the campaign’s Get Out the Vote Program.

Volunteers included Monica Hamkins of Brunswick, a Catholic mother of a lesbian daughter, and Kylie Groat, a student at the University of Maine in Farmington, who has been organizing NO on 1 activities on the campus.

State Senator Justin Alfond reminded supporters that they have the opportunity to make history by urging people to vote NO on Question 1.

“Your efforts will put Maine on the map as the first state where a Legislature passed marriage equality legislation; where a Governor signed the legislation into law; and where citizens voted so all Mainers have the right to marry the person they love,” said Alfond.  

“The key to winning this election is getting our supporters out to vote.  And, that’s exactly what we’re all here to do,” added Alfond as he joined volunteers in telephoning supporters.

According to NO on 1 Campaign manager Jesse Connolly, the Get Out the Vote Effort over the next nine days will involve thousands of volunteers across the state who will talk with friends and neighbors, staff phone banks, and walk neighborhoods.

“This is a true grassroots campaign and we continue to be overwhelmed by the level of support and energy,” said Connolly. “Mainers have dug deep, whether that’s taking on extra nights at our phone banks or double shifts knocking on doors. It’s inspired all of us.”

I also happen to know that a certain very dear friend of mine and fellow Blender, who has been absolutely KICKING *SS with her speeches and house parties, was one of the volunteers called- I am beyond thrilled that her hard work and tireless efforts have been recognized!

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