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Maine: How We Got Here

I was just speaking with my pal UniteTheFight’s Phil and shared this video with him. Then thought it might be good to repeat post it here as well:

Maine’s marriage equality battle did not happen overnight nor in a vacuum.

And in less than 10 days (Yep- we’re down to single digits now!), I hope my state will be the first to pass a marriage equality bill through both chambers, signed into law by a supportive Governor, and defend it against a referendum.

I hope Maine will be the first to show that it is possible for enough people to wake up and realize that until ALL are equal in the eyes of our laws, we have levels of benefits and privilege for our citizens.

That we have discrimination against not just individuals, but couples. FAMILIES.

Amd we need to all be protected.

Come on, Maine- make me even prouder to be a TWELVETH generation native.

I know you can…

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