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Laura Ingraham on “This Week”: Dick Cheney “Cuts Through” on Afghanistan Because “His Numbers Are Going Up”

That’s right, it’s gotten so bad for the Republican Party that Dick Cheney, whose approval ratings went from a grim 30% in January to a less grim 37% in June, is now considered the “popular” one.


“Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been speaking out lately on a number of topics. Now that he has left office, how important are Dick Cheney’s opinions?” Only 39% say his views are very or somewhat important, to 57% who say his views are not very or not at all important.

Ingraham’s right. These so-called “popular” people with approval ratings in the 50s are irrelevant.

Cheney’s ability to sway the third of the country who still thinks George W. Bush was a great president remains impressive.

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