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HJC Schedules Its “Get Democrats to Cave on PATRIOT” Hearing

Well, lookee here. Look what the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled for Thursday.

Classified Hearing on: the PATRIOT Act and Related Matters

Thursday 10/29/2009 – 2:30 A.M.


Full Committee

By Direction of the Chairman

As you’ll recall, the Senate Judiciary Committee had such a classified hearing, as well. The day after that hearing, the Democrats gave up their plans to actually improve the PATRIOT Act, and instead gave the Administration everything they wanted, making it easier to conduct fishing expeditions on Americans. As you’ll probably also recall, the Administration submitted those changes via Jeff Sessions, one of the most loathsome Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving the Democrats thin cover for utterly caving on the Fourth Amendment.

So which Republican do you think the Administration will hide behind while gutting improvements on the PATRIOT Act this time? Some choices are:

  • Lamar Smith, the Committee’s Ranking Member and a Texan, with all that suggests
  • Darrell Issa, former member of the House Intelligence Committee and quite a capable asshole
  • Steve King, a close match for Sessions in terms of being a loathsome idiot

Enter your guess in the comments for a chance to win a coveted hub cap. And ready your calling fingers Monday to remind Democratic Committee members of their duty to protect the Fourth Amendment.

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