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Cage Match: BillO and the Homewrecker versus Alan Grayson!

Oh joy, oh rapture, oh ecstasies untold!  Sally Quinn has appeared on our TV screens once more — this time to join Bill O’Reilly in FOX News’ War on Grayson:

As many of you know, the Republicans have already named Alan Grayson as ‘Enemy Number One’ on their list of Democrats to bring down in the upcoming 2010 elections, and Bill O’Reilly along with Sally Quinn are beginning the ‘Bring down Grayson Campaign – at all costs’ by trying to frame Congressman Grayson as a ‘Kook’ and calling Grayson an ‘Embarrassment to his own party.’  The ‘sound bites’ and ‘script’ that these two ‘operatives’ are spewing appears in the video below the fold, and will tell you exactly how Fox News plans to swift boat Grayson, and denigrate his reputation.

The video in question is at the top of this post.

For those of you who don’t remember the bad old days of the GOP/Media Complex’s anti-Clinton witchhunts of the 1990s, Sally Quinn was a key cog in the media arm of the get-Clinton machine. Quinn’s Clinton hatred was fueled in large part because Hill and Bill failed to bow down before this self-appointed Washington goddess.   Her snippy tirades about their alleged moral failings are particularly hilarious, in view of her own history.   Here’s Harry Jaffe from 1998 to detail some of it:

Quinn, the daughter of a general, was raised in high military society. As she describes in her book “The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining,” she was first patted on the bottom at a Washington cocktail party by a randy Sen. Strom Thurmond when she was 17. From young socialite she moved on to dabbling in journalism, writing party stories for the Washington Post in the 1960s. She was a disaster at television and wrote a book about the debacle. But, failing upwards, she was about to be hired by the New York Times when Ben Bradlee, the storied executive editor of the Washington Post, lured her to his new Style section.

At the time Bradlee was married but separated; Quinn was living with journalist Warren Hoge, who would later work for the Times. Quinn and Bradlee became an item, Bradlee’s marriage failed, the two were married in 1978 — and Sally Quinn’s career took off.

Quinn peaked as a party reporter at the Post, writing bitchy stories about the Washington elite. She is best remembered, however, for reporting that President Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, walked into a room with his zipper open on purpose. It never happened, and Sally ate crow.

Yes, folks — the woman who in 1998 was tsk-tsk-ing Bill Clinton over fidelity and party-hearty issues seems to have owed her career to infidelity and partying. Ah, but it gets better:

There’s also a reason why Sally Quinn is an apologist for independent counsel Kenneth Starr. “In some way,” she said on “Meet the Press,” “Ken Starr has become to Clinton what the evil empire, what the Soviet Union was to Ronald Reagan.” What she doesn’t say is that Ben Bradlee is indebted to Starr, then a judge, for ruling that the Post was not guilty of libel in a celebrated case in the 1980s.

Congratulations, Congressman Grayson — with enemies like BillO and the Homewrecker, who needs friends?

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