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Trash – Jerkin Crocus Edition

Well, I have had about enough of that Ayn Rand crap; time to let loose. At Casa de Bmaz, that means margaritas and rock and roll. Today I have whipped out an oldie, but very goodie. From Mott the Hoople’s 1972 classic album All The Young Dudes, its Jerkin Crocus, a thoroughly kick ass song that is mostly forgotten now. Let yer hair down and let’s get down to some football.

Pros: Hmmm, this Atlanta at Dallas game looks interesting. The Dirty Birds are on a roll, absolutely killed the 49ers that had looked so solid prior to last week. It was hard to find a flaw in their game. Dallas needs a signature win to make something of a season that looks shaky at best so far. I do think the ‘Boys are better than people give them credit for; but really do not seem particularly well coached or consistent. The way Dallas has been able to run the ball, and with the game in the new Jerry Dome you would have to give the edge to the ‘Boys. You would, but not me; I’m staying on the HotLanta train.

Two other games of note are New Orleans at Miami and Arizona at the New York Giants. Miamai looked really good last time out with Chad Henne passing, the wildcat offense and a solid defense. The Saints are killing people; the defense is lights out this year and we all know what Drew Fookin Brees can do and does do. There has even been a Reggie Bush sighting. This bodes ill for the Fish. The Cards that closed out the season last year and took the Steelers to the final seconds of the Super bowl have started to rear their ugly heads finally after a slow funk start. They will be running into a pissed off set of Gents still smarting from that egg they laid in the Superdome. It is in NY though and the Cards are famous for not traveling well to eastern cold climes; slight edge to the Gents but this could be a great game.

Oh yeah, there is one other game of interest. That Old Man River dude and his Norske friends are going up to Pittsboig to visit Big Ben and the Stillers. The Steelers have rediscovered their running game now that Rashard Mendenhall has taken over for No Longer So Fast Willie Parker, and Big Ben is throwing the ball all over the field with great success. And they get Troy Polamalu back for the first time in weeks. With Antonio Winfield likely out or hobbled in the Vike’s defensive backfield, it looks grim for the Purple People. Never count out the Old Geezer though. This is a tossup, could go either way and should be a great game. The rest of the matchups are too lame to bother going through.

College Joes: The game of the week is, believe it or not, TCU at BYU. Yeah, yeah, I know, but it really is. The Horned Frogs knocked the Cougars out of BCS Bowl contention last year; and kicked the snot out of them doing it. Bad. BYU would love to return the favor to the undefeated and 10th ranked Frogs this year. The game is in Provo and I will take the Cougs in an upset. Iowa at Michigan State is an upset special; nobody likes playing the Spartans, especially in Lansing. The surprising Hawks should survive though in their last big test of the year before they play Ohio State.

Oregon at Washington and Penn State at Michigan should also be good games. The ducks have been really tough since that initial loss at Boise State. Washington is playing much better this year under Steve Sarkisian, but the Quackers have way too much for them. The JoePas at the Wolvereenies on the other hand, is too close to call. On paper Penn State should win; but they don’t play these things on paper and Michigan could pull off an upset. Oklahoma at Kansas could be close too. Bradford is out and Mark Mangino fields a good squad. Sooners better stiffen up or they will get whacked.

Baseball: It is over. The Dodgers are Bums again and the Phillys are in the Series. It is over in the Junior Circuit too, the Halos just don’t know it. Now all we have to do is wait for a couple of weeks for the World Series to start.

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