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She can see NY-23rd from there

sarah palin winkSomewhere in Alaska Sarah Palin has taken some of that book advance money and finished off her family compound.  I’m not one for too much nostalgia, but cannot we have a return to the good ol’ days when estates had names?  I for one am willing to suggest the Palin Compound be named Xanaxdu.

But with the estate expanded, the book being published, and an imminent appearance on ‘Oprah’ (meanwhile, Todd will hang out with Stedman) Palin is again issuing her siren call to the FoxNews base.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has dipped into New York state politics by endorsing a third-party candidate in a divisive congressional race.

Mrs. Palin backed Doug Hoffman, the Conservative party nominee, in the traditionally Republican 23d district. The Republican nominee, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, is a moderate who has broken with the G.O.P. by supporting same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Yes, a Republican in the Northeast that backs moderate social policy, we cannot have that, vote for the non-Republican.   Good plan, that’s expanding the tent.

The modern GOP remains the best asset the Democratic establishment has (“Sure we disappoint you, but look at the alternative.”) Not necessarily good for the rest of us, but awesome for them.

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