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photo by Red-Cyan

photo by Red-Cyan

Hey folks!  My name is Michael Whitney.  I’ve been writing at Firedoglake off-and-on for about two years, usually about Wal-Mart, the Employee Free Choice Act, or other work-related issues.  I’m pleased to announce I’m joining FDL full time – in addition to running the online organizing program, I’ll be writing a new blog about labor, workers, and unions.


But I need your help to name this new blog.  I have a couple ideas that I’ll share, but I’m interested in hearing what you think FDL’s labor blog should be named.

The blog will focus on issues affecting working people, the news about and activities of labor unions, work-related legislation, and broader stories about the economy.  So much of what happens to people who work for a living goes under-reported.  And the organizations that represent workers would be well-served to have a supporting voice online.

So with that, here are my ideas for what to name the labor blog.  Say which you like – or please, suggest your own – in the comments.

  • Grindstone
  • The Jungle
  • Solidarity
  • Solidariblog
  • Strikezone
  • Working

Have at it!

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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

My name is Michael Whitney. I'm a progressive online organizer working with FDL Action. Rush Limbaugh called me "clueless" once. He went into rehab two days later.