The above quote was from a cashier to me a few minutes ago.

She is a single mother my age, divorced twice with 6 kids- 2 of whom are twin daughters, both in jail and both mothers themselves. She has had serious drug and alcohol abuse issues and is making minimum wage to pay the rent on a small apartment for her and her 4 year old daughter.

I consider her a friend- she is a friendly, good person who is honest about the hard life she has had and her own role in her decisions and choices.

So what started this conversation in the first place? And what was the result?

More below the fold…My daily blogging has been set aside lately and will continue to be the case until November 3rd, because as of this week, my daily focus has been locally driven.

That meant the past week putting “No On 1” signs up, like this one- that was in place last night but overnight has disappeared, along with 2 others I put up along the same highway!

In fact, yesterday I drove 4 signs out to a Blender who contacted me on Monday- a 3 hour round trip from my house.

(No worries; I love to drive!)

And saw that in various spots, someone took the time to make and put up bunches of homemade green and white “No On 1” signs; here’s a shot of one with a sign I added:

But when I stopped by the Kennebec County HQ, I found they need more help with other projects/ prepping for the evening phone banks, data entry,  etc. So that has become my new focus- more on that  later.

Anyways… this morning has been running kids to school, doing laundry, getting groceries, gassing up car, taking care of my major coffee fix- that sort of thing.

And when I saw my signs were missing/ replaced by the yellow SFMM signs, I was livid!

The one bright spot is that they put up a dozen signs in the local “COA/No Signs” zone, which means Maine DOT will be removing all of them today! (COA= clear of advertisements)

So I went into the laundromat and started grousing about the signs and heard the above quote. Of course that got me into “Educator” mode and I talked to her about the lies that SFMM is spreading in their ads, the realities within our community locally and statewide, as well as within the schools, etc.

And what I found is that despite her WANTING all people to be treated fairly in our state (and oh YEAH, “she’s got GAY FRIENDS (TM)”), SFMM has done a pretty damned job of sinking their ugly messages into some noggins of Maine’s poorly educated and easily manipulated people.

That this has nothing to do with marriage and rights, but about promoting a “lifestyle”.

As I asked her, who in their right mind, one person let alone THOUSANDS of Mainers, would CHOOSE to be discriminated against and made to feel they are “wrong”? That this is not about a choice or a lifestyle, but a way of being, a way of existence- no different that if one is born left or right-handed!

So she went to the Sodom/Gomorrah thing and I took that one apart- neither of us are religious and have about the same basic working knowledge. I was a little surprised about this one… she ended up stating that she would not want RELIGION taught in schools either.

I then discussed that what SFMM was putting in their ads regarding school curriculum was a bald-faced lie, that we parents and our school boards dictate what is taught in Maine, and reminded her about the GSAs we have in schools- what they are and how they work to educate simply as a matter of creating understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and  with our existing anti-discrimination law, work to protect the LGBTQ kids already in our schools.

Hey, it’s awfully slow at 7:30am in these businesses!!

This sort of one-on-one conversation is what is absolutely critical RIGHT NOW in Maine. To let people talk, to encourage conversations, to teach them the TRUTH about marriage equality.

And this is why, if you live on the East Coast, WE NEED YOU TO COME TO MAINE NOW.

Help us with these conversations, be it via GOTV, canvassing, phone banking… please contact the campaign TODAY and come help us.

I can gab alot, but I can’t talk to ALL of these Mainers by myself! ūüėČ  





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