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Has GOP Airlines Flight 188 Finally Reached Eau Claire?

PlaneHow scary is it that A) Mike Allen and I have the same wet dream, and B) It’s about Roger Ailes?

Yes, I too would love nothing more than to see Roger Ailes run for president. Not only is he one of the most unelectable and “personally loathsome” men on the planet, but think how much of its remaining credibility Fox News would squander if it went all-in trying to make him look like the next Ronald Reagan.  Or even the next Fred Thompson.

But what really caught my eye was Gawker’s claim that the White House is deliberately trying to raise Fox News’ profile:

[T]he White House… like[s] the idea of having an opposition that is noxious, untruthful, combative, angry, emotionally unstable, and subject to an unyielding financial incentive to be ever moreso.

Which begs the question, What do they need Fox News for? After all, the Republican Party already meets all of those criteria.  And we’re not talking just random teabagger crazies, these are actual elected officials and members of the party apparatus.

They’ve got the likes of Michele Bachmann, Jean Schmidt, Virginia Foxx, Louie Gohmert, Joe Wilson, Steve King, Sarah Palin (only recently not a governor) spouting pure high-grade malice and/or crazy every time they open their mouths.

They’ve got Mark Sanford, John Ensign, David Vitter, Mark Foley and Larry Craig tripping over their own dicks.

They’ve got 75% of the Senate Republican caucus voting against accountability for rape.

They’ve got the goofiest, gaffiest party chair in United States history, and more baldfaced liars and corrupt corporate puppets than I can count.

And as you go down the food chain, it gets even worse.  One GOP Congressman jokes about hunting Democrats, another about lynching them. Remember the e-mail with the watermelons on the White House lawn? That was a Republican mayor.  That wacky picture of President Obama as a pair of disembodied eyes against a black background?  That was a Republican state senator’s staffer (as was the pedophile Furry).  The guy who compared Obama to Osama bin Laden? VA GOP Chair.  The idiot who spilled explicit details of his affair into a live mic?  Republican assemblyman.

In other words, the GOP doesn’t need any help from Fox News to look bad, they’re managing just fine all by themselves.

There are signs that they’re beginning to worry that all the Crazy is making them look bad, but they’ve been making noises like that ever since The Thumpin’, and it never translates to any actual changes in behavior.  If anything, they’ve become even more obnoxious and extreme since Obama took office.  Just like Flight 188, they may have finally realized that they’ve overshot their target by hundreds of miles, but unlike Flight 188, they’re unwilling or unable to turn the plane around, even at the risk of running out of gas and crashing.

I guess they have the wrong Cheney in the pilot’s seat.

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