Rise Of A New Empire

My pal and former TPM colleague Andrew Golis has been hired by Yahoo to create a news blog. He promises “a combination of curation and original reporting, with gregarious linking and sharp, smart writing.” And I have no doubt Golis will succeed. Absurdly young, the guy spends a lot of time thinking about the architecture of online journalism and its broader place in the online and social media environments. I mean a lot. TPM will continue to expand and evolve and improve, but Golis’ vision has helped take it from phenomenally successful to stratospherically successful over the past three years.

Self-serving as it is, I continue to believe the group of reporters and editors who’ve come up through TPM over the past five years have an advantage over the competition. Golis is among of the Jedi Council of our set.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman