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Nevada Phone Bank Tool On Harry Reid and Public Option Live Now

CallButton1The FDL Action phonebank is live now. You can start calling progressive Nevada Democrats now and ask them to contact Harry Reid and tell him to put a public option in the final Senate bill.

Slinkerwink is up on DailyKos and says “Let’s go deliver the cure for the spine flu to Senator Harry Reid!”

Myrna the Minx at Reno and its Discontents says “Senator Reid has the power to push the public option into the Senate bill during the reconciliation process going on right now. Please tell him that’s what you want—TODAY.”

And David Shuster says “FDL PAC is proving to be one of the most powerful in the progressive movement. Democrats take note.”

We’re only as good as the people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and make it work.

This is pretty exciting — the first phone bank effort of its kind in the progressive blogosphere that I’m aware of. People are already calling, so let us know what you hear. If it works out well, then Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson and other obstructionist Democrats are next.

Call now!

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Jane Hamsher

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