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Criticize Homophobic “No Homo” in Hip Hop and get your Pink Slip from Fox “News”

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a political analyst and associate professor of education at Teachers College in New York, is learning what we all have known for awhile: Fox News doesn't like any support of “the gays” or any criticism of the network.

Hill was a talking head on Fox News.  Key word being “was.”

HIll had been an outspoken critic of the term “no homo” in Hip Hop, both on Faux News and in essays online like the one on Black Voices:

By punctuating even the most sexually non-suggestive sentences with a homophobic disclaimer, we reinforce the idea that gay and lesbian people are worthy of ridicule, shame, and surveillance.”

How did Hill find out about his firing by Fox? By google alert.  Stay Classy, Faux News…

Hill has long been a target of forces on the far-right at Fox News (because heaven forbid there be a voice that isn't a card carrying teabagger…).  According to Think Progress:

Right-wing propagandist Cliff Kincaid, who works for “Accuracy in Media,” has been on a crusade to try to get Hill fired from the network because, as Kincaid has said, Hill is a “left wing cop-killer apologist.” In a celebratory note after Murdoch's announcement, Kincaid noted that he had in fact asked about Hill during last week's News Corp. meeting and criticized Fox for not doing “elementary analysis” of Hill before they hired him.

That's right- apparently Fox News didn't check and make sure Hill would tow the party line before hiring him and he *gasp* spoke some truth to power.  Not only has he called out homophobia, but he also called out Fox News itself:

Hill also commented about the recent spat between the White House and Fox News. “Is Fox News a right-leaning organization? No doubt about it,” Hill said.

Stop being so “fair and balanced”, Hill!  

When asked why he thinks he was fired by google alert from Fox News, Hill said:

people can certainly look on the Internet and Google and see all sorts of stories and information as to why I was fired.

Hmmm, Hill has been attacked by the right-wing smear machine, has a viewpoint that challenges Faux News, and speaks out against homophobia?

I'm surprised Glenn Beck didn't have a countdown clock on his show about him as he cried about being afraid for his country…

For  really good read, head over to Black Voices for Hill's essay about the “No Homo” meme.

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