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Pelosi leads — chooses better policy

At least someone is up for a fight

At least someone is up for a fight

Amazing how all the budget hawk blue-dog BS falls away when it meets reality, except of course, with self-proclaimed blue dogs. While Harry Reid dithers and Obama, at least publicly, chooses to impersonate Grover Cleveland instead of FDR, at least Nancy Pelosi is taking a stand on better health care policy:

House Democrats are aiming to scale back the cost of their health care bill to well below President Barack Obama’s preferred price tag by giving the government a strong hand in selling insurance in competition with the private market.

Obama has sought to spend no more than $900 billion over a 10-year period. The initial cost of the House bill was more than $1 trillion. On Tuesday, House Democratic leaders received a new cost estimate of $871 billion from congressional budget umpires who measured a robust version of a so-called public option for health insurance

Golly, it’s good policy, it covers far more people, it’s popular with the public, it saves money in the budget.

Surely, this is the policy choice of tyrants and slave holders! We must choose the more expensive, less efficient, crappier policy that saves the real harbinger of freedom and liberty, the health insurance company executive.

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