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The Generals Recommit to Closing Gitmo

I’ve been waiting for some time for the uniformed military to ratchet up the pressure to close Gitmo. After all, Gitmo remains a symbol of abuses committed against Muslims which puts service men and women at risk.

Today, VoteVets, former Congressman Tom Andrews, and a number of Generals have launched that campaign–with this TV ad and grassroots mobilization.

I’m particularly happy with the way this campaign is targeting those responsible for fear-mongering on Gitmo. Andrews must have said “fear-mongering” about 20 times on a conference call introducing this campaign. And he focused squarely on Dick “PapaDick” and Liz “BabyDick” Cheney for leading that fear-mongering–not to mention those Republicans fear-mongering in Congress. And, as General Johns pointed out, “The people who are [fearmongering] are the people who oppose the ban on torture.”

I’ll have more on this campaign going forward. But it’s good to see someone pushing back against the Cheneys and their friends on torture and Gitmo.

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