In the midst of all the “think of the children” bullshit being spewed by those who claim “opposite sex” marriage is vital to the well being of all children…..  one of my friends was on a jury in which the father of multiple children from multiple marriages was convicted of raping one of the children since she was 2 (correction)  3 yrs old.    this was not the only child he raped, but with the 5 life terms with no parole the prosecution is unlikely to proceed with the other cases in order to spare the children from the ordeal of another trial.    apparently the parents in this opposite-sex-think-of-the-children union were swingers,  and it was one of their traditional opposite-sex marriage add-ons who blew the whistle on the rapist after the wife mentioned that she thought the man was messing with the kids.

the mother was convicted earlier on related charges of complicity to rape.  looking at the court records regarding the male in this blessed union, there are multiple counts of domestic violence.

think of the children, indeed. 




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