The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which has run a series of hard-hitting ads across the country on health care, has now turned their eyes to Nevada as the Senate attempts to merge the two bills that have cleared the relevant committees. With Harry Reid’s role now central, the ad squarely targets him, as Lee Slaughter, a Las Vegas-area nurse, tells of her struggle with her insurance company denying her care after she broke both her hips.

Slaughter, who describes herself as a swing voter, says “I’ve also voted for Harry Reid many times, but in 2010, I’ll only be voting on one issue. I’m watching to see if Harry Reid is strong and effective enough as a leader to pass a public health insurance option into law.”

Reid drew the ire of the PCCC last week, when they sought to extract the promise from him that any member of the Democratic caucus who voted against a cloture vote on health care be stripped of their committee assignments. Reid’s office countered that the entire caucus voted on such matters. Now they are directly questioning his toughness with an ad set to run in Nevada, where Reid is already behind in his upcoming re-election fight.

Reid is certainly part of the decision-making process on what shape the final Senate bill will take, although the White House is taking a large role in the negotiations as well.

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David Dayen

David Dayen