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Game of choice for extremists and eliminationists – '2011: Obama Coup Fails'

Another WTF moment, brought to you by Dave Neiwert, who covers the over-the-edge extremists on the right.

It seems like every week I come across some truly weird piece of militia organizing from the freshly revived Patriot movement.

This week’s is pretty special: An online game at which you can actually earn money by defending America in the year 2011 against the evil forces of the fallen Obama administration. The game is called “2011: Obama Coup Fails”. [Only go to the site if you don’t mind giving them the hits. Otherwise, you can get the idea here.]

They’ve created a whole future history, written from the perspective of people in the year 2011. And as you can see, it’s militia-movement material from the ’90s updated for the Glenn Beck generation.

The backstory/history of this future United States of Earth is batsh*t crazy, of course, but you have to give them props for creativity. Here is a training video.

I went over and found some headlines in the news section:

  • Maxine Waters: The Cong’s Last Illiterate Caught
  • The Federal Reserve Building Bombed
  • Hillary Clinton Finally Captured
  • Sarah Palin The Patriot Leads Revolt Against Hamas
  • Michelle Obama Captured By Militia, America Celebrates
  • Oathkeepers in the Army Disobey Orders and Attack
  • Michelle Malkin Stands Out Among The Leaders Who Saved America

And in what has to be the one of the most preposterous nuggets of BS is this one:

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Found Dead in Camp

March, 2011 – Clark County, VA – A FEMA camp was liberated today, one of two still controlled by the war criminals loyal to Obama. Rush Limbaugh was executed over a week earlier, we are told, and Glenn Beck was found in his cell and has died, incredibly of an ‘aspirin overdose’, the preferred way to send a message to the enemies of Obama. The NY Times came out with the typically disgusting headline, “Shots Fired in Virginia; Rush and Beck Finally Shut Up”, in their first admission that there is even a war going on. Their last half dozen readers were later surprised when their Queens, NY printing center and offices were firebombed by Patriots who simply had enough of that trash propaganda outlet. Thomas Jefferson said “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

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